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Alpha Patch Notes


  • Replaced the icons of various Sentinel abilities with Sergey’s new ones.
  • Bone Golem
    • Fixed a bug where the Twin Golems node didn’t reduce damage or health.
    • Twin Golems no longer increases mana cost, and now reduces size, damage, and health by 45%
    • Adjusted requirements of nodes around the Twin Golems node.
    • Adjusted various node descriptions.
  • Reduced the damage of possess (the ailment inflicted by Hungering Souls) by 22%
  • Clarified the wording on Mana Strike’s tooltip and some of its nodes to make it clear what sources of damage its added damage effectiveness penalty apply to.
  • Rebuke now deals 20% more damage for each hit you take while channeling and grants 750 additional stun avoidance while channeling.
  • Shield Throw now has slightly lower attack speed, but deals more damage with its initial hit.
  • Summon Wraith’s Stygian River now grants 7% increased cooldown recovery speed and 7% wraith interval, down from 10%. The previous effect of reducing cooldown recovery speed was incorrect.


  • Added two new enemy types to Chapter 3, one also spawns in the arena.
  • Reduced the effect and duration of poison applied by Venom Weavers’ primary ranged attack.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Wraith Binders.
  • Greatly increased the damage of rare Wraith Binders’ Soul Geyser spell.
  • Increased the damage and health of Voidfused Earths.
  • Added a new monster prefix "Unrelenting" which gives the monster 70% increased cooldown recovery speed.
  • The "heals while not taking damage" monster mod now restores 20% max health per second, rather than a flat 25 health per second.
  • Added a new monster suffix "of the Hawk" which gives the monster high speed and crit chance until you approach it.
  • Adjusted some chapter 2 enemies to reduce poly counts (improve performance)
    • Sleet Weavers are now larger and more powerful, but found in smaller groups
    • Winternids and Ruin Skuttlers now use a different model


  • Updated Rive’s visual effects.
  • Updated the visual indicating enemies have a damage boost active.
  • Updated the destruction visuals for crates.
  • Updated the visuals for Familiar enemies (enemies that respawn after 2 seconds).


  • Slightly decreased the drop rate of Unique items.
  • Greatly increased the drop rate of Set Unique items.


  • Added animation variants for Fireball, Meteor and Volcanic Orb.
  • Refined several Mage animations
    • Attack with two-handers and spears
    • Idle
    • Run with a one-handers, two-handers and spears
    • Flame Reave
  • Refined several Sentinel animations
    • Attack with a spear
    • Idle with a spear
    • Run with two-handers and spears
    • Erasing Strike
  • Refined several Primalist animations
    • Attack with one-handers and spears
    • Idle with a spear
    • Run with a spear
  • Fixed the primalist not doing a left to right Swipe with a 2h weapon every other attack to match the visuals.


  • Improved the performance of spawning enemies with movement.
  • Improved the performance of open levels by reducing the accuracy of obstacle avoidance on enemies far from the player.
  • Refactored how base damage is stored and displayed. This should improve the performance of using damaging abilities.
  • Updated the compression method for many textures and added size variants (mipmaps). This decreases memory usage and helps loading times.


  • Adjusted the gold drop formula. The mean gold drop will be about the same, because the median drop will be lower but there is a higher maximum.
  • Adjusted the visual sizes of gold drops.
  • If you return through a portal, nearby chests and barrels drop less loot and gold.
  • Once you have reached the End of Time, the portal now takes you back to the End of Time instead of the Council Chambers.


  • Added a failsafe to prevent a player from starting The Refuge before completing The Lesser Refuge.


  • Made changes to the arena to try to prevent it getting stuck and not spawning more waves
    • Maddened Groles no longer spawn in the arena.
    • Enemies can no longer roll the "Summoning" monster prefix in the arena.
    • Enemies outside of the playable area are periodically killed as a failsafe.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing Mac and Linux users from playing the game.
  • Fixed a bug where skills’ critical strike chance was based on their base increased stun chance rather than their base critical strike chance. This resulted in most skills being unable to crit.
  • Fixed an issue with the outline system (the red outline you see on hovering over an enemy, etc.) which logged an error very frequently. This made some amount of a performance impact.
  • Fixed awkward movement around the floating rocks in the Sheltered Wood.
  • Fixed the temple music being too quiet and not looping.
  • The Lesser Refuge quest now correctly gives 2 passive points.
  • Fixed being able to get into a state where the Pannions’ Students quest was incompletable.
  • Fixed various quest-related objects colliding with particles.
  • Fixed a bug where the start next wave panel was open by default when you first completed wave 5.
  • Fixed a bug where the prefix and suffix displays in the crafting window would not update when an item fractured.
  • Fixed some skeleton enemies dropping items and displaying ailments at the wrong height.
  • Fixed animation bugs with Bloated Husks.
  • Fixed a bug where a couple of starting nodes on the Beastmaster and Shaman trees didn’t require the Primalist base class to be complete. Taking these nodes early may have been causing additional bugs.
  • Fixed the Primalist’s Natural Attunement node not giving elemental protection.
  • Fixed Bone Golem using the wrong skill icon.
  • Fixed a bug where the Burning bones node on the Bone Golem tree was granting 10000% increased damage over time per point, rather than 10%
  • Fixed Dark Fissure not reducing enemy damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Aura of Decay and Ravaging Aura did not deal damage to enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where many on death effects could be procced twice in edge cases.

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We’ve identified an issue in Patch which can break the Arena’s ability to spawn enemies. Patch fixes this and should be available later this evening.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


Great work team!

  • Reduced the effect and duration of poison applied by Venom Weavers’ primary ranged attack.

Can I just say, I’m most excited about this one change? I’ve died to this more than any source in the game combined. (Poison Res is hard on a Mage :/) Keep up the good work!

So will the game eventually use letters or numbers to list the chapters? (I’m biased towards numbers).

We’ve released another quick patch to resolve an issue with the Arena and to sneak in a few other things



  • Updated the Primalist’s two-handed attack and Fury Leap animation


  • Updated the visuals for Rip Blood
  • (Likely) improved the appearance of the waterfall in the Council Chambers for some players

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the Arena from spawning new enemies
  • Fixed a movement issue in the Ruins of Welryn
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The plan has always been to use numbers externally. We use letters internally and sometimes they don’t get translated before going out in public messages. Sorry about that!

Thanks for clarifying Sarno. But would you be able to share why use a different listing approach internally and externally? I couldn’t think of a commonsensical reason and am genuinely curious :smile:

To simplify, locations are labelled internally first by chapter (letter) and then within the chapter (number). This makes it less confusing to change the names of locations during development.

A post was split to a new topic: Performance degrading over time

I liked seeing the Immortal Eye getting added into test environment from that patch, that was a treat to see in the Arena. Saw it a while back in the subreddit before supporting this game. The model looks really cool, but I hope it will get a few more updates to its animations, specifically death when you kill it before it implodes. The reworked model for those tiny spider things, i.e. Ruin Skitters, was good too, I liked the earlier model as well; can’t remember if the new models rag-doll, yet, as I am posting from work :smirk:.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback! Passed it on.


One of the reasons we made this change was performance.

We were previously using a model designed to be used for larger enemies. It wasn’t optimized to be used by creatures of such a small size - where some of the detail can’t even be seen, and the enemies are typically encountered in comparatively larger groups. The new model should be more performant while looking as good (at that size).

I was examining the patch 0.6 to notes and I noticed that I have acquired a set Jewelled circlet item that wasn’t included in the notes. Maybe it was a bug that I acquired this? I thought that set items were introduced in the 0.6 patch and this item doesn’t fit the description of the Isadora and Invoker set items nor is there anything referencing it in the detailed patch notes on the website. The item is the Fractured Crown.

Anyway, I have leveled many characters at this point in time, and have only seen this undisclosed set item. The set drop rate might need some further adjusting. Unless they are intended to be this rare for trading purposes. When I get a chance I’ll edit this post to show my characters’ unique count stats for the characters I made after the introduction of patch 0.6.

That item showing as a set item is a bug. Drop rates are very much temporary-- as we get closer to release we will be getting things closer to their final numbers.

Nice update. I wish I had more time to play. :frowning:

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