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Primalist optimization!

Something is really off with the Primalist optimization and more specifically Werebear.
I know the game is in EA and it needs more work on that but the difference between that character and others is just huge. I’ve started playing about two months ago and I never had any problems with my first two characters (Sentinel Warpath and Rogue Dancing Strikes). I’ve spent 200 hours with this two builds, going deep into the endgame, empowered timelines and such and for most of the time my fps was somewhere between 45 and 60, which is more then enough for me. After the new patch I started a new Primalist Werebear, it was OK in the campaign, but once I reached empowered mono, the fps drops started, at some situations it drops to like 9-10fps… I thought, well, maybe something went wrong with my PC, maybe something changed, but that’s not the case, because I tried to switch to my Rogue and again butter smooth gameplay, almost stable 60 fps in the same locations, doing the same content as the Primalist Werebear.
I would understand if my PC is not powerful enough to play the game in general, but how can it be near perfect with one character and straight out unplayable with another?

If that helps, I use the following skills: Werebear Form, Swipe, Fury Leap, Maelstrom and Warcry.