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Primalist/Necromancers and pets

Developers, please add function to call pet to you soon as possible.
Playing as primalist is not so fun atm.
Please, just this one function for now.
Or option to toggle follow, when this is off your pet will attack normally.


It would be enough to have the option to tell your pets where to go with a hotkey, like u can tell them to attack. maby this button can move the pets to the target location if there is no enemy to attack.

That’s what is great about the jump ability for my build. I have 4 wolves, saber and bear. So when I jump, 5 out of the 6 jump with me to the target I want. :slight_smile: It’s also an easy way to get them to where I want to go… just jump and they are there. :smiley:

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