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Minion AI

So more for Necro, but obviously for any minion builds, the skills for targeting and attacking the closest, but what about minion distance from player and disengaging current enemy to stay within a decent radius? There have been times where I am just running through content and not focusing on killing anything, but the only ways to keep minions with me is to 1) resummon or 2) manual target using A. It would feel better if there was a radius, maybe a 3/4 of the screen to maybe 1 1/2 screen away to disengage current enemy and return to owner, or engage enemy within range of owner?

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I second that, playing as primalist at the moment, but there the problem is even bigger, because you can’t just recast your wolf, and it sometimes runs off, chasing one of those void cultist casters that tend to run away after attacking once…and I can only imagine killing everything on the way back as well, because sometimes it takes 2 to 5 minutes till he comes back :smiley:
And since he’s the only companion I have, this makes my own fights considerably more dangerous.

Staying/chasing up to ~ 1,5 monitors away from the player and when the distance increases prioritize coming back next to you, and only after he is at your side searching for enemies again would be the best behaviour imho.

Yea that would be a nice feature! I’ve played both primalist and Necro and it’s definitely an issue. Usually I have to resort to the manual attack button, or just wait for them to come back. On the primalist would be nice to set a range on the spriggan too (he always heal’s just out of melee range).

None of my acolyte pets respond to A. I just have to…hope…they see what I need them to kill, and don’t run off.

I’ll have to try that A hotkey out.
Its should be the standard in this genre that your minions/pets should protect you(aka stay close to you and try to target the closest enemy to you), instead of just running off to chase that one little monsterwhile you’re getting mauled by that huge one, that is right infront of you.

EDIT: Use the A-Key to tell your minions to attack the highlighted enemy

I have to say the “A” works fine for me, but maybe it’ll be cool to have something like WOW Pet Mode System ? Don’t know … sometimes i wish i had the weird WOW Attack/Defense/borderline personality disorder Mode 'cause of situations

But okay most of the time i think it is enough to give them a max. roll out distance.

You also have with primal that the wolf my run one way, your cat will jump another way and the bear stays close and i am erm where do i go now?

Yeah, ideally we’d have aggressive stance (behaviour like now), defensive stance (certain ranged leash), and maybe “protect stance” (pets stay near you and only attack on A order or enemies that attack you).

But giving them a certain leash range should be easier than implementing stances and a UI for that for now, as a band-aid until there is time for real stance-systems :slight_smile:

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I say the best thing to do is shrink the AI summon roam limit down a bit for now. Then later on have the option of setting them to close, medium and chase mobs for ever options etc.

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Can confirm, that minions are WAY TOO AGRESSIVE. They just always attach themselves to the mobs and basically don’t give a damn about Necromancer. You can run through entire map and never even know what are they doing and where are they at all. Also they tend to not attack enemies at all sometimes, without A command, even if they are close to them. I noticed this a lot on my wraths. They just chill in the corner or nearby
This needs a serious fix.

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Ha now you see why leap with pet follow is the only true path! VBut yeah minion AI needs some work.

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