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Pre-Alpha 0.4.10 Patch Notes

Lots of changes this time around, most notably the streak system for the arena, a rework of attributes and several skills, a new skill, a skill tree for Abyssal Echoes, and 4 new unique items!


  • Added the streak mechanic to the Arena
    • When you complete a wave without dying your streak increases
    • When you die your streak is reset to 0
    • As your streak increases enemies become more powerful and grant more experience on death
  • Added an NPC to the Square who can respec your most recent passive grid allocation for gold
  • Reworked attributes
    • Strength now grants 10% melee damage and 15% armour (from 20% melee damage and 10% armour)
    • Intelligence now grants 10% spell damage and 10% ward retention (from 15% elemental damage and 5% ward retention)
    • Agility now grants 3% attack and cast speed and 30 dodge rating
    • Dexterity and Endurance have been removed
    • Added Attunement which grants 10% elemental damage and 30 elemental protection
    • Added Vitality which grants 10% increased health regen and 50 void protection, necrotic protection, and poison protection
  • Added necrotic damage and an affix
    • Will be used by the Acolyte and some enemies
  • Removed holy damage, and its related affixes
    • This damage was planned for the Paladin and basically no other classes or enemies. This was too narrow, so we’ve removed it
  • Damage dealt to mana before health no longer applies when you have ward
  • Added kill all enemies button to devmode
  • Separated respec grid and respec skills buttons in devmode
  • If you reach level 6 without removing Basic Attack from right click it is now replaced with a 0 cost attack skill (Swipe from Beastmaster, Mana Strike for Sorcerer, Vengeance for Void Knight)


  • Added the Dark Fissure skill for Void Knight
  • Added a skill tree for Abyssal Echoes
  • Added 9 new nodes to the tornado tree
    • Tornadoes can now be augmented to leave a trail of storm orbs
    • Fire tornadoes can now ignite nearby enemies
  • Reworked a section of the Swipe tree
    • The non-stacking attack speed on hit node has been rethemed as granting the Aspect of the Panther buff, and been split into two nodes
    • The crit nodes have been replaced by nodes that grant global crit chance or crit multi while you have Aspect of the Panther
  • Reworked Ravaging Aura to Ravaging Stance
    • is now a zero mana toggleable stance (and so cannot be active with juggernaut stance or ephemeral stance)
    • deals 140% more damage
    • drains 5% of your current health per second
  • Volatile reversal no longer costs mana. The mana efficiency node on its tree has been replaced to reflect this
  • Sorcerer now unlocks
    • Static Orb at level 3
    • Fire Shield at level 4
    • Mana Strike at level 6
    • Glacier at level 7
    • Black Hole at level 16
    • Ice Bolt at level 18
  • Beastmaster now unlocks
    • Thorn Totem at level 4
    • Swipe at level 6
  • Void Knight now unlocks
    • Tempest at the start of the game
    • Hammer Throw at level 2
    • Volatile Reversal at level 3
    • Vengeance at level 6
    • Erasing Strike at level 7
    • Abyssal Echoes at level 8
    • Devouring Orb at level 9
    • Anomaly at level 11
    • Rive at level 12
  • Increased health and health regen of Wolves and Bears by 50%
  • Increased the health of the serpents from Serpent Strike by 67%
  • Increased the health of Spriggans by 40%, and increased health regen by 100%
  • Increased the strength of defensive nodes on the Bear and Wolf skill trees
  • Tempest now applies added damage at 40% effectiveness (up from 35%)
  • Increased damage of Hammer Throw by 17%
  • Reduced Hammer Throw's mana cost to 4 (down from 6)
  • Increased the damage of Dark Blade on Vengeance by 33%
  • Changed the cooldown of Volatile Reversal from 25 to 18
  • Reduced the mana cost of Shield Rush to 45 (from 55)
  • The shrapnel from Volcanic Orb now travels 18% further, but deals 30% less damage
  • The added void damage node for Tempest now adds 2 void damage (down from 3) and has a maximum of 3 points (down from 4), but also makes you take 5% less void damage while spinning per point
  • Charged Ground from Static Orb now creates a total of 10 small lightning novas down from 13
  • The small lightning novas from Charged Ground deal 18% less damage
  • Thorn Totem deals 22% less damage
  • The homing node on Thorn Totem's tree now reduces cast speed by 25% (from 10%)
  • Increased the mana cost of Static Orb to 15 (from 14)
  • Increased the mana cost of Erasing Strike to 60 (from 55)
  • Clarified on Fire Tornado’s tooltip that it scales with fire damage, not physical damage
  • Improved Hammer Throw’s tooltip
  • Added a node to the Beastmaster Grid that increases the effect your potion has on your minions


  • Narrowed magic item colour palette (from blue -> yellow to blue -> green)
  • Added 4 uniques-- Tome of the Elements, Death Rattle, Bone Harvester, and Torch of the Pontifex
  • Added Tenacity gained on potion use affix
  • Added a new type of tome
  • Different tome base types now have different 2d art
  • Affixes now have a single name on items, regardless of tier
  • Item names are now loaded correctly
  • The minion health affix now grants a percentage increase
  • Buffed the dodge rating suffix
  • Increased the power of minion defense affixes
  • Made minion defense affixes slightly more common
  • Improved angles of equipped melee weapons on the Sorcerer and Beastmaster
  • Sashes now give dodge rating instead agility
  • Mourningfrost now gives 15% increased movement speed instead of 2% increased movement speed per point of agility (because agility no longer gives movement speed)
  • Ancient Blades can now have 17% to 47% critical strike multiplier, down from 35% to 47%

Level Design

  • Improved grass and turned down lighting in Breir’s Watch
  • You can now no longer move behind the Draal Queen in the Lair


  • Improved performance of various particle effects (including ones that caused lag on Shield Rush)


  • Added more stats to the Other Stats tab in the character sheet
    • Increased minion health
    • Increased minion health regen
    • Minion dodge rating
  • Added an option to enable dots in on-ground item tooltips that reflect the number of prefixes and suffixes an item has


  • Improved the appearance of Frost Golems and Earth Golems
  • Reworked the Wyrm into a Frost Wyrm
  • Enemy models now rotate more smoothly while attacking
  • The Bone Fiend is no longer affected by displacement abilities
  • The Imperial Death Knight in the cliffs has been replaced by Zerrick's Hand
  • Reworked Imperial Death Knights and added a pair of them to the Swamp
  • Reworked Corrupted Statues
  • Changed some of Varuhn’s abilities
  • Heroic Phrax now deal 60% less damage with their lightning blast (though it has the same stun chance as before)
  • Earth Golems' rock fall attack deals 33% less damage and takes 80% longer to fall
  • Byorls' lightning blast now deals 55% less damage, but can chain up to 2 times
  • Buffed some void enemies slightly to compensate for the introduction of vitality
  • Slightly improved some death animations
  • The Draal Queen is now always facing forward before you start fighting it
  • Removed bloom from enemy particle effects

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the character sheet would not update in some cases until after you reopened it or changed your stats again
  • Fixed a typo in the death message for Aged Forms
  • Fixed a node on the Summon Spriggan tree having an incorrect description
  • Fixed Fireshield's tooltip giving incorrect information
  • Fixed a few misspellings in node descriptions
  • Fixed a crash caused by the interaction between the Double Cast and Lightning Aegis nodes on the Static Orb tree
  • Fixed a bug where static orb was granting lightning aegis 100% of the time even if you only had one point in the relevant node
  • Fixed a bug where static orb was pushing back nearby enemies 100% of the time even if you only had one point in the relevant node
  • Fixed a bug with casting Volatile Reversal during Shield Rush
  • Fixed a bug where the node that made Volcanic Orb’s shrapnel pierce wasn't working
  • Fixed Thicket Blades and Healing Wind not having cooldowns (which caused them to instantly drain your mana as they were instant casts)
  • Fixed a bug where the Mana Strike node that removed additional critical strike damage, was not correctly increasing critical strike chance
  • Fixed a bug where some melee attack effects would not apply to Tempest
  • Fixed bug where minions sometimes would not track defensive events
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible for a skill to level up more than once from one instance of xp gain
  • Fixed chill's effect being additive rather than multiplicative
  • Fixed a bug where you could take damage to mana while you had negative mana
  • Fixed a bug where killing resurrected and summoned enemies did not refill the potion
  • Fixed a bug where Draal Sting would not apply to some melee attacks
  • Fixed a bug where Mourningfrost was granting 5 damage (instead of 2) per agility to melee and throwing attacks
  • Fixed Draal idle animations not looping
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Thats what I needed on lazy sunday.

Sounds awesome! I need to update this weekend… :slight_smile:

Thx for this update