Poorly Telegraphed High Damage Abilities

So like I said it’s not JUST the attack in and of itself. It’s that her movement design is such that she seems to instantly snap to being centered on the player. You can be completely behind her through skillful play and then in a single frame she’s dead center on you and already petrifying.

The issue is primarily that she can hug you perfectly and single-frame snap to aiming directly at you instead of actually having a turn speed. That it doesn’t seem to happen every single time makes me think it’s actually unintended behavior.

Yes & that is absolutely an issue which hopefully the devs can “fix” in some way, though it’s still not an issue if you’re paying attention & in melee range (which you likely will be in the second phase).

The dragon bosses do this and it’s really annoying.

I’d like to put forth Ruby Captain Arjani’s overhead punch. It’s fast, but hits way harder than anything else around him, including much slower moves in his own kit.

I fought him as a Bladedancer at level 77 in the “Ending the Storm” timeline (lvl 75 zone). Only active enemy damage modifier was “enemies deal 50% increased elemental damage.” All res except for elemental are capped, with fire res sitting the lowest at 40%. Armour is 606 (21% reduction). I have 1526 health and ~40 ward most of the time. Critical strike avoidance is capped and glancing blow chance is 70%.

My assumption is that his right handed overhead punch does phys damage, but if it has fire damage that would explain why it was hitting me so hard. If not, it might need a look over, because it was chunking me for over 50% while everything else in the zone was tickling me. Again, even the Captain’s slower aoe attacks weren’t much of a threat and I could just leech or walk out of them at a leisurely pace.

Edit: Just fought Ruby Captain Arjani again, and it appears that they have two overhead punches. One with fire and one without. There were a lot of screen effects from other rares the first time, so I’m willing to bet it was just the fire punch combined with my low res and damage boost mod from monolith. The fire effect at Arjani’s “feet” during the windup is pretty easy to miss though, it’d be nice if there weren’t two overhead punches with similar animations so it’s easier to read.

Agric wolfmaw arena champion avalanch skill needs a telegraph. its damage is so high it usually one shots and it just starts immediately falling with no warning at all, it usually stuns you in place too.

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Personally, and this is a VERY hot take, there are too many telegraphed abilities. To back this point up I will use as an example the avalanche attack you see from druid NPC mobs that will rain frozen ice blocks or the tree mini boss faced in A4 towards the end. Telegraphed abilities are not always and implicitly made to be something that shows the zone they are used but as a mechanic like a wound up punch. You know the attack is coming, and the general direction, but the exact zone where an attack is headed; this makes playing the game (in my opinion) too easy. remove some zones. I get tired of maxing my resistances to never use them, nor my leech of spell or melee.

Monster: Rime Guard, Patriarch or on anyone else
Ability: Avalance

Avalance has to be cast at melee range, but the ability telegraph comes way too late to be dodged consistently. If you are in an animation lock at the time, you will take damage.

Avalance damage is off the charts compared to other abilities of the surrounding monsters. There is no reason for it to be that high.

Suggestion: Either make the telegraph better (slower) or nerf the damage of Avalance.

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Almost lost my best HC char to Heorot in the lvl90 obelisk questline.

His telegraph on the winter-orb-like ability - a ball that shoots icicles - could use a rework. He just slightly leans forward, the same way as when he cast beams. Yet the orb was his most dangerous skill for my char and I really could use a better indication that he’s casting it.

Give him a different animation, maybe make him grow the orb over half a second before he throws it.

Also, there was some glitching that’s probably netcode related. I was rubberbanding and stuck in place when hit by his beam and it wasn’t properly communicated to me whether its a bug or my char’s frozen or something. It felt like glitching but it might be intentional…?

Edit: The post above has a point, that rime guy’s avalanche is way overtuned. It’s the biggest difficulty spike in the whole campaign IMO.

ALSO in general, and I’ve heard others have similar opinion, I think the game could benefit from less lines and circles drawn on the ground and more telegraphing through enemy animations. It’s more engaging gameplay when I have to watch the enemy I’m fighting, not the ground.

It is clearly telegraphed though. As soon as you see his arm go up you know there’s going to be an avalanche. Usually you can tank one or two hits from it while you get out of the area, though I don’t think it should track you if you move around the mob given it’s a cast spell not a channelled spell.

This mechanic is telegraphed by the Ice Pillars that are formed just before he uses it.

Yeah but it still do way too much dmg. Right now I can face tank most bosses at ~200 corruption and this guy still can kill me in under 2 sec. I think something is wrong here

The winter orb? It shotguns, if you are just in front you could easily die.

Yeah agree especially the T4 arena wolfjaw dude it comes out in no time, has high stun chance and hits way too hard, not to mention he can still do regular attacks at the same time.

Nope, the rime golems avalanche.

Ah, ok, yeah is one of the few damage outliars, with the birds of death (ember mages).

And the new poison catapults are also insane.

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Yeah that part of my post was about dmg itself, not telegraph neccesarily. It’s just an outlier worth looking at in that regard

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