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Poorly Telegraphed High Damage Abilities

seeing outside map is not intended so bad , you can solve it by some “visual Tricks” like static background or just black … but the problem of enviroment sounds huge… also i intended which other problems can come out like the need to remodel a lot of stuff , btw thx for the answer. keep your job hard guys , this game got such potential , you can destroy other developers with this game.
actually even at this state is a 8/10 value as we say while play gg wp :slight_smile:

So much this! This is ruining the Arena for players. I don’t know if there is even a telegraph for this mob because you can hardly see anything in the Arena anyway. With 165% fire resistance I should not be blown away by a 1 shot doing a 45 - 50 Arena level. And while we’re here I was “sucker-punched” by another mob at about the same level there. The newer mobs have made it so I won’t even run the Arena anymore so I’m moving on until you get this fixed. Running MOF is not enough to do and I’ve already done the campaign more than 20 times. Who on your team thinks this kind of one shot is fun?

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I can give an example of a poorly telegraphed attack. The emperor or bones fight I couldn’t tell whether I was supposed to run out of the circle or run closer to him and I ended up dying.

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Absolutely agree with this statement. Of all my (rather few) arena runs the meteor dudes were the most ridiculous. It was my 2nd or 3d arena run total, and all of a sudden I got blasted to 10% hp by the bunch of these meteors. I was like “Ok, let’s try not to get hit by this again, but seriously though, WHO THE F…K IS DOING THIS?! Where can I find you?”

I then found some unassuming mage-ish looking dudes in white (?) robes, standing still, casting, and I figured that must be them, but honestly, I’m not 100% sure.

What’s even more annoying, is that these meteors seem to follow you after teleport. I.e. if you begin casting TP when the circle is under your feet, the meteor will follow you through TP. Though, I’m not 100% sure about this.

It was them.

I think a lot of people agree on this concept in general - I hate being lightning blasted from off screen from a mob I havent seen yet… or siege golem dropping a fire missle and I havent a clue which direction he is in until I kite around or the missle comes from somewhere…

For me its the How to implement this that causes the confusion/complication:

For example… on a 1080p screen, I dont want someone dropping a meteor on me from off screen… But what happens if I am using a widescreen resolution like 2560x1080 or 3440x1440? Many more mobs would be on the screen… In Arena mode, the mobs are all aggro’d so in widescreen you would have a disadvantage as they would be hitting you from on-screen, but at their maximum targetting distance…

Aggro’d mobs in normal mode is also an issue with you aggroing mobs and running off screen so their attacks could be following you - i.e. they launched the attack when you were on screen but you moved offscreen and it followed…

Perhaps it should be based on distance from the mob to the player character… but what would this distance be considering different screen resolutions (whats near or far or onscreen?) and when the ranged attack launched it was in targetting distance, but you moved away…

Which then comes to another issue… how far should ranged attackes continue… only onscreen, off screen by x distance… infinitely till it hits something… what about screen resolution affecting these giving some people advantage or disadvantage based on their screen res…

And then how does this all affect the game performance trying to processes this for things that are not on screen or calculating distances for each attack many more times than currently etc…

I am sure there is a solution but its definitely not just saying “No attacks from offscreen”

Does the resolution really change anything? I recall one reason that devs cannot zoom out more is because of technical limitation of what can be shown on the screen when zoomed out (out of bound area etc)

Yes, with a higher res you can see further. Either @TriKster or @RawSuicide has an ultrawide monitor & they can see other eras…

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I can see double the area with my Ultrawide Screen (of course only to the sides).

It’s an advantage because you see enemies from further away. You can land skills with range higher than half the screen.

There are some issues in some areas where I can see further than the levels boundaries (I think there are only 2 areas though. But that’s not a technical issue, just the level designer didn’t build big enough :grin:

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@Mike_W, nerf Raw plz tks bai.

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  • The name of the enemy: Julra
  • A description of the ability: The arcane/void beams that circle around her
  • Your current location: US (Texas)
  • Anything else you consider pertinent: I have only experienced this fight as a druid in bear from. I feel like the hit box for bear form might be larger than that of human form, but I could be wrong. I definitely feel I was taking damage from the beams even when I was in the safe portions.

If thats true, then LE is pay to win … pay for a bigger monitor or get hit by offscreen mobs… lol …

Not only LE, but every game that supports Ultrawide Screen resolution.

But sure: We should figure out who is playing LE with the worst hardware currently and downgrade our rigs to the same level. So everybody has the same experience and nobody has an advantage over anybody else! :wink:


I find those immortal eye guys soooo annoying enemy cus they are immune to everything pretty much , they got huge range and they have homing projectiles , if u are at high corruption u get sooo erased by them if u are in map where u have like 5-6 of them on same spots if u dont have enough damage to kill them fast enough or leech u are dead cus u cant avoid their hits + they explode too XD i mean rly …at least they should not have homing projectiles or not being immune to everything ?

(post deleted by author)

Voidfire Maggots, and any other enemy that explodes on death, should not explode instantly. On-death effects for enemies are fine when they’re done properly, but instantly inflicting you with AOE damage merely for being within range of an enemy that you’ve killed is silly.

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Might be a good idea to add a separate thread on this colour issue - and cross reference it with that disability thread about the Flash on Hit too… This is probably one of those important things that could get lost in this particular thread and its likely the devs could add it in with any of the other accessiability features they may be planning/fixing…

just my two cents…

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Poorly telegraphed high damage abilities? Can I just say all of them? Seriously though as long as you “rely” on the telegraph to balance out the absurd damage what you are really saying is move or die. Ok fair enough, I have played my share of Touhou. However how do you justify incoming damage that is designed to be avoided and NOT tanked when there is a vast divide in the movement skills of the classes?

In all seriousness, it just feels like a design crutch that leads to poor player experiences.

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Can you name any that can’t be walked out of (with a reasonable amount of movement speed, not 9,000% ms & not 0%)? About the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is the Lightless Arbour’s big slam in the first phase, but for that you’re supposed to hide in the area with the kindling.

I am confused, it sounds to me like your post does not mean what you think it means. It is likely a translation error. What I read in your post is, If you have what is a “fair” amount of movement speed investment you should not have to worry about the attacks. I continue that logic with why have them? in the first place. That that aligns with my position regarding the matter.

Then there is the Lagon dot beam of 50/50 chance, because devs hate sentinel?