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Poorly Telegraphed High Damage Abilities

The various 3 Spire Echos have been a real problem for me, even after I maxxed resists:

  • The frequency of the bombings could be once every 30 or 60 seconds, and still achieve the goal of being an ongoing nuisance…
  • My disintegrate Mage has to get into position, stop, cast some skills, launch into a disintegrate, and by the time the mob is nearly dieing, im already about to get 1-shot by the next 3 bombs, and I die if teleport isnt ready as running is too slow… then repeat ever few seconds x100 for the echo. Its not fun!

Spires do suck against a more immobile/stationary build, but:

Resistances in LE are just one of many defensive layers.

First of capping resistances is not necessary in LE, because they behave very different in terms of effectiveness compared to other similar games
And every builds needs more than one defensive layers.

That’s being said, you can facetank spires until a certain difficulty point.
It’s very much possible. But at a certain point, when it is no longer possible i can definitely see that playing in a Spires Echo can be annoying when playing disintergrate.

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Big understatement there

more like playing on 215+ Corruption with mods such as "Deadly if not damaged’ or any damage mods my Forge Guard with 15+20% dmg reduction almost gets killed depending on the spire with 5-8k armor from a few spires. they also have 100k HP and dont die immediately.

lots of end game monolith stuff is just not though out well

I have a question about the Mutilate ability in Puncture. I’ve been trying a few different things to see how much damage I can do with it, but in all honesty, I don’t think it works very well.

How does Mutilate determine the 3rd Puncture shot to mutilate? Does it determine it by the number of bow shots you’ve taken? So your third bow shot will always mutilate when you use puncture with it? Or is it the third cast of the Puncture ability?

I messed with it for awhile and I think its doing it off of the third bow shot, which can get difficult to determine sometimes. What I’ve been doing is using flurry with high bleed chance to build up a bunch of bleed stacks on an enemy, then “popping” them with Puncture, but the damage is highly highly inconsistent, and it seems like it cuts off all bleed stacks, but doesn’t add all the stacks that it cuts off.

I tried running Mutilate for awhile, then recently turned it off, and my DPS went WAYYYY up.
So I don’t believe the stack count check is working properly with mutilate.

All Mutilate does is make any bleeds on the target do all of their damage immediately, it only front-loads your damage. The only thing that is based on the number of stacks is how much you get healed. It’s entirely possible that it could be bugged.

Yeah I know what it does, I wanted to use it to “burst” bosses by flurrying up their bleed stacks til i see some high stack hits then puncture it to mutilate it.

I stopped using it because it wasn’t working right. I can tell that it definitely increased my damage by stopping using it. I think if the stack is just starting or hasn’t ticked yet, and puncture is used to mutilate, it doesn’t mutilate that bleed stack. if that makes sense. You have to wait for the bleed to tick first, before mutilate will recognize it.

Sounds a bit wonky, I’ll try & do some testing on it tomorrow if I remember.

Spreading Frost can give me some trouble sometimes when the elementals kind of stack on top of each other and charge up Frost Blast and it’s hard to tell who is charging it in which direction.

And most recently I slapped an Anomaly bubble on op of them and that just makes the whole thing a pile of white, haha.

I think this boss could just use one of those line telegraph things on the ground. :slight_smile:

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Small ranged enemies have a tendency for the whole pack to attack at once leading to huge burst damage. It’s particularly noticable with the axe throwing wengari.


Avalanche is the worst offender, IMO.

I feel like unless I’m currently in motion, the time between ground effect and hit is ridiculously small for how much damage it does, how likely it is to stun, how much total area the spell covers, and that the area is constantly in motion.

Both Avalanche and Earthquake require more reaction speed than I’d like, lol