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Poison Flurry Bladedancer (adequately dubbed the 100-Type Guanyin Bodisattava)

Chapter I. Pros and Cons.
Chapter II. Defensive Layers
Chapter III. Videos!

Greetings and welcome to my long ass guide. I have detailed sections for absolute beginners but the build ends with some very aspirational gear challenges.
Build will look like this. Let’s get you guys what you want right now:

Basic Gear + Skills Bladedancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4g) - Last Epoch Build Planner

(we can’t afford 100% Crit Avoidance, which is why Acid Flask will Blind on hit and it will be dropped at the end of Shift, always; it has50% chance to cast Acid Flask on the start of Shift as well; once Blinded mobs have only half the chance to Crit you, which is better than 100% chance to get crit)

End game dream setup + Skills Bladedancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.4g) - Last Epoch Build Planner

We don’t need the Blind chance anymore. Acid Flask is even more useful now. Attack Speed is still king, with a whopping 3.13 attacks per second (mind you, calculating the real number of attacks of Flurry is hard; base attack rate of 1.276, the Channel node only removes some animations, I assume there is a natural delay between attacks; basically you attack a lot OK?)
Now we can delve into deeper mechanics to explain how the build performs. I went hard on the details, so feel free to skip what you already know.

Chapter I. Pros and Cons


-cheap to start, needs maybe 1 pair of Winguards, a Unique Glove of Common rarity
-feels great to invest in
-great Mono farmer, decently fast
-an even better Arena farmer! (very few Boss level fear of 1 shots, great number of mobs to sustain from, great defense versus many small hits)
-great sustain from Leech (which the build will take to newer, more impressive heights!)
-build to push deep (especially with investment into better Uniques)
-we automate most things, we get Acid Flask and the eternal Shurikens for Armor on Shift, so we just need to press that, Flurry and drop Smoke Bomb for some Poison Shred


-Flurry is an old skill, lacks the polish of newer skills (boring synergies, mandatory and expensive point allocation to make it feel good)
-Some real end game Uniques will be challenging (Bastion is, ha ha, a must :joy: :sob: but we embrace it and build around it quite a bit!)
-Boring for some, the build just needs 3 buttons; you can squeeze in Synchronized Strike, especially for the ARPG fans: it is an i-frame, a split second of total invulnerability; even with 0 points, costing a boat of mana and having a 10 second CD, it can be a life saver; if you want to master piloting this build to insane difficulties, you have to include it on your bar
-This could be a Pro for some, but getting the right Legendaries (Uniques with the right Legendary Potential and the right Exalted stats on them) is gonna be tough but very rewarding; Poison is an absolute BANGER of a scaler, it can go for miles

Why Poison? Flurry is a great applicator of Bleed and Poison, the Skill has synergies. It grants us 30% More Damage for Poison. Well, for Bleed as well, in fact a Ruby Dice Relic (Fire resistance and Bleed Chance %) is a perfect substitute once the build does respectable damage. So we get a decent More multiplier for Poison and any Bleed chance we got, works on that as well. You channel the skill, but the mana cost with the Points I allocated makes it easily manageable. I never just ran OOM before I had to dodge something so far.
Damage will get a lot better once I get a T6 Attack Speed on some Winguards. I missed it and got 66 Armor. I will also fit in the Poison Shred Chance, yes, I run around without that for now.

Chapter II. Defensive Layers

The secret to a well rounded build is always how it handles not dying. There, I said it. You could do trillions of damage in Last Epoch, the game is slower paced, thank God, so something will always reach you, there is no 3 screen wide 1 button delete. Mobs can scale wickedly hard (read it in a Boston accent) and bosses have challenging mechanics and sometimes phases, so don’t expect it to take 4 seconds flat.

We need to tick the following:

-100% Crit Immunity (Woven Flesh, done)
-High Dodge (% Dodge is better than flat here, since Dusk Shroud gives us 50 flat Dodge; makes % slightly more valuable, but check it with lastepochtools to be safe for your level of gear)
-High Endurance % (remember, the cap here is 60%, we need an Empowered Monolith Blessing to cap without sacrificing any Suffix on gear - greedy of me, basically)
-High Block chance and Block Effectiveness (even with an Ironglass Shield, if rolled right, you will have a total of 49% block chance with 39% effectiveness; basically half the hits, spells or melee/ranged attacks, will hit for quite less); once you get Bastion, you keep the SAME setup, T5 or T6 on Rings for massive Effective Health
-Leech; we use leech to instantly top up again; starts timid, but once you get a decent Bleeding Heart, that Leech % applies to everything, melee hits but also Poison damage; so when your ticks are 20k on mobs, it tends to mean a LOT of leech;

Leech mechanics: damage considered leeched (% Damage Leech in our case, Melee Leech is completely negligible) is divided evenly over 3 seconds, 3 ticks; the amount is simply whatever % you got (end game gear uses Bleeding Heart which leeches off any damage), multiplied with effective damage done to a Mob (so minus mob Resists, armor, general Damage Reduction and so on); increased leech rate shortens the 3 seconds timer (either distance between ticks or overall the 3 seconds, I don’t know the exact calculations), but we get on average 150% increased leech rate from gear and it shows, we top off immediately. This is accompanied with 14 Life on Hit from our Dagger, +2 from the Flurry tree and the 36 Health on Glancing Blow (with great gear, you get 100% GB). Life on Hit is for scaling back up above Endurance Threshold really (20% of our max HP) so the Endurance % kicks in and prevents another 1 shot.

Total Leech: Bloody Revelry (+2%, +4%, +6% generic leech from Flurry for each strike respectively) + ~7% Leech from Bloody Heart, 150% Increased Leech Rate, we get 20-40% Increased Damage Leeched (ZERO clue what this means, paging a Dev), and +2%-4% Overkill Leech (which is great as an added bonus versus many small mobs, once they die their HUGE Poison Ticks will add 2-4% extra Leech)

Chapter III. Videos!

I will include progress videos. In fact most of my stuff is pre-Bastion. But it will take me a couple of days to record my attempts at killing the build. Sorry to disappoint for now.

Blessing the Bastion. Julra 3 Run (no Poison Shred Blessing)

For advanced, experienced Players (or “something new to learn” for the rest)

I did the math using Tunk’s EHP Calculator and this is kind of what to expect really end game:
For others that want to tinker with this tool, it’s really easy to use. You can access it here: EHP Calculator

Please ask alllllll the questions that come to mind. So far I got 90% of what I need in terms of gear, so I pushed 260 Corruption with about 190-200% Increased mob damage (speed and crit, health and damage, that kind of thing). This was before Bastion and without 100% GB, I will have to throw myself to some Julra 4s. It might make it.
This is an amazing community to contribute to. Shoutout to @perrythepig and @Amarathy for being very creative build creators that inspire my little obsession with making my own builds. I would also like to rep my man @QuietForMe and @ArtCrusader for contributing greatly to my understanding of the game so far and how to shape a build.

You guys are pretty much great.


I chose a similar build for the character, but it turned out that at a high level (800+) these protective mechanics are not enough,

On what corruption did I test this build?

264 Corruption with some Crit mods and about 180% Increased mob Damage with 0 Crit Avoidance, I died to that and felt like it was the cap, before Bastion and 100% Glancing Blows.

I need a Woven Flesh with 2 LP to get 100% Crit Avoidance, Overkill leech and ofc massive life.

800+ Arena, is that what we’re talking about? In that case, yeah, that seems really, really hard. I get 91% less damage once I get under 20% life, not sure it can safely prevent one shots even with massive, fast leech.

I will test it against Julra 4, if it survives everything except the AoE and spinning Void beams, I will be happy. I don’t know HOW to squeeze more survivability except with better and better Legendaries. I don’t think we’re looking at the next 1k Corruption farmer.

800+ corruption.
I got to such corruption on bleed flurry
I also tried to make the maximum efficiency of the block.
With Corsair’s Blood Bowl, you can do 35% more block efficiency.

But the build didn’t seem tanky enough to me
Now I’m trying another option

Perhaps your version with poison can be made quite comfortable for playing at 800+ corruption.

Damage is better but it expires faster. Bleed with Valdyr’s Chalice seem strong because Bleed lasts like 8 seconds. Poison scales better, but defensives are similar. Maybe we get enough DPS as Poison to push further. Unfortunately, this is not a broken build. No OP mechanics to abuse, nothing that should be nerfed.

Interesting build…

Just a quick note here regarding Blood Revelry and the Shockwave node in Flurry… There is a bug in that Shockwave currently disables the leech from Blood Revelry - the devs have confirmed this potential bug - See the bug report below for a full breakdown of the testing done to figure this out but I would expect that this build may be MUCH better with Leech once this issue is fixed - i.e. you are missing out on leech right now…

Thanks for the shoutout, glad I was able to help you in any way. great guide and great work on everything. Keep perusing this new found fun!

Thanks for the feedback. Currently I get 7% generic leech from my Bleeding Heart. But overall it does take more than 1 second to top up HP. I can tank Julra 4 ice blasts, lightning blasts, the big V
Lp attack. And Void beams instantly 1 shot me. I am not yet there with the build. Investment for Julra 4 seems quite steep, as it should be.

I’m not sure, but void beams seems to be DOT damage

Yup. The Void Beams are DoT, so they bypass most of my defenses. I really, really do NOT want to just slap Ravenous Void every time I get to Julra 4 though. :frowning: Guess I have to see what solution I find…

I’ve been curious about the line of passive talents that deal with the “Perfection” stacks. How often is this buff up as melee? I can definitely see the use of “damage increased while full health”, especially with how fast you can leach, but do the perfection stacks fall off when you take aoe damage like the void beams on Julra? If so, you might get more damage out of the Passive that gives increased damage per % movement speed.

It’s still just a small % increase overall. I am very interested in “damage % equal to movement speed” on another build I am testing, Umbral Blades with the Recall on Shift node. Basically, 1 smoke weaver for reduced Shift CD. And since you always call the blades back on Shift, you get like 100% + damage just from that alone.

Hi, I played a similar build a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it. Do you know if this build will still work after the 0.8.5 patch? I’d love to play this style of build again.

There’ll be 2 bug fixes that will have a significant effect on this build so it’ll be interesting to see how much.

Oh yeah, I see those fixes now (hadn’t finished reading patch notes yet). I think I could personally live with less attack speed, but not sure how big of an effect the aliment fix will be.

It’s down to somewhere between 2% & 4% of what it was pre-patch for an uber-geared character.

Yep. I just tested. Before patch about 23 mana channeling poison flurry to dummy Dots about 12mil. Now about 300k. This dual wielding BiS daggers with t7 and t6 attack speed. My Hammerdin is much better now, better defence, better damage. I dont understund why they always have to nerf things so much, that it does not work anymore.

Totally useless now.

I’ve tested by really playing, not on dummy.
I can feel the difference, but it’s still very strong. I did an echo “Kill Admiral Harton” full of Profane Fleshes. Either the Fleshes or Harton died in several seconds.
Difference is that I have to channel longer than before.

I tested also 250 corruption monoliths. A lot slower, I can manage, but other builds are a lot faster. For me this builds survailability is about fast killing, now its gone.

I also think it was nerfed a bit too hard.

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