Flurry'S Blood Revelry

Flurry’s Blood Revelry skill node doesnt work. I use it to leech life but it doesnt. I dont wear anything that prevent leeching healt. actually even without any item just the skill and it doesnt leech life at all

How are you testing this specifically?

Reason I ask is that this is an oft used node on the Flurry tree and there arent any other reports of it not working (at least none I can find)… Leech is also a tricky feature as it returns health to you over time not in a single hit, so its hard to “see” this effect - i.e. just hitting something with flurry first strike will not return 1% of the hit damage immediately… its spread out over 3 seconds.

I tested it on puppet with exsanguinous equipped so I would sure that I leech or not.Because with that armour my life was exact 121. But my life bar didnt change even 1 life. it was 121 again. Then I went to lower lvl area and tested it on a mob , result was same. No leeching at all. Skill node says flurry leeches a portion of damage dealt.

How much damage were your 1st/2nd strikes doing and how much % leech do you have? The leech is applied over 3s.

Skill node says %2 for first strike, %4 for second strike and %6 for third strike you leech your damage dealt with flurry. And I do 200-300 with first and second and 2-3k with third strike. And I use channel node so I do 3 strikes in 0.3-0.4 second maybe faster. When I equip a sword with prefix that gives %4 melee dmg leeched as health I leech life from %5 to full life in seconds.

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Ok… It tested this in the following way…

  • I started with a naked rogue…
  • No passive nodes that generate health in any way (not on hit or leech)
  • Flurry has only Alacrity & Blood Revelry enabled (3 and 2 points respectively)
  • I then equipped a Titan Heart Unique Chest plate - nothing else. not weapon etc.
  • This disables health regen and increases health so that you have missing health on your health bar of about 30% but more importantly it doesnt increase / isnt restored and doesnt have any per second interaction like Exsang has… I.e. your health stay static.
  • I then bare hand attacked the dummy WITH flurry for 5 seconds (about 5 or 6 3=hit combos)…
  • I heal approximately 50hp. It starts to restore very slowly with only 1 hp per second and this rapidly increases until you stop hitting, then it heals for a few more seconds and stops…
  • to reset the test, you simply unequip the chest plate and reequip it…
  • I can keep attacking with Flurry until I am fully healed… the rate at which you heal, logically, reaches a certain speed proportional to how fast you attack… When tested with a weapon (dagger) you heal almost instantly because the heal amount (% of damage) is much larger…
  • I also enabled Boundless Blows (Channel for flurry) and it makes no difference, the leech still works.
  • EDIT: I also tested this with Exsanguinous and once you let your health settle (stop going down), I then did the same test as above and your health goes up with the leech as expected, it still works… the moment you stop hitting, Exsanguinous kicks in and reduces you health back to settled amount.

So, from what I can see by removing any and all other possible influencing factors, the leech is working as expected…

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Ok I tested it again after you and figure out the problem. I use Shockwave skill node. This node says ''Flurry now causes Force Waves to blast forward with each strike, dealing ‘‘Melee’’ physical damage.

(If I understand it correctly) when you attack from close range to the enemy or from the max range of force waves the skill does same damage and do same exacts hits 1-2-3, 1-2-3 right ? It has to be like that. And node says (Shockwave) this force waves do melee physical damage. And actually Blood Revelry doesnt even say meele damage is leeched as health. It says Flurry leeches a portion of damage it dealts as health.

I tested the skill from very close range and it leeched health slowly. But with the force waves range it doesnt leech any health at all. I figure out another thing that from different angles skill leeched more and faster than others interestingly but didnt leech anything from Shockwave range.


That’ll be a bug, the Forcewave should be inheriting the leech from Blood Revelry.


The moment you use Shockwave, Blood Revelry no longer works and you dont leech health from Flurry.

@KissingAiur Any chance you can confirm this as a bug?

Thanks for the report, we will look into it.

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