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Poison bow build

I’m trying to put together a poison bow build and I’m looking for peoples opinions / suggestions, I’m not sure which is stronger a poison flurry or poison puncture build?

Not sure specifically… I prefer Flurry as I find Puncture very slow. However, its a more complicated question depending what you are looking for in a build - i.e. max dps or clear MoF or even Arena…

I did a quick search and there is a Poison Puncture & Flurry build thread that might give you some insight into what route to take. Its not a build of one of the top build makers but it may help and the comments could also be useful.

You could definitely work both skills in, Puncture has great AoE/Clear potential and flurry has insane singletarget dmg.

Once you use both skills you could also experiment with all of their nodes and see if there is somethign you absolutely like or dislike and cater your build more towards that.

But for a basic build Pucnture for aoe and flurry for singletarget dmg would work out for any build, be it hit/crit dmg, bleed, poison what ever.

Flurry definitely has no great aoe/clear potential with ailments, the only clear you can get out of flurry would be multishot procs or explosions on kill.

Puncture is definitely more versatile, since it has great singletarget and aoe capabilities.

Even without the node that creates 2 shadows copying your puncture it still has way better aoe/clear than flurry.

You can also convert Detonating Arrow to poison for massive AoE.

Isn’t there a poison bow that makes the arrow rain skill even more potent and poisony? I like Puncture more then flurry.

yes but it’s kind of bad because hail of arrows doesn’t hit by default. with the node that gives it a barrage that hits at the start it can poison but a fast-hitting skill is better. so the bow would basically just make it a more useful secondary skill for a poison build that used something else for single-target damage