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Plusses on skill/spell specializations specifically over generic


I noticed some gear has a generic +1 to for example fire spells, etc. When unequipping such an item it seemingly randomly (or is it the first element in a technical sense?) removes a point.

I’d like specific increases to those talents (possibly pushing them over the max, that’s up for thoughts). Unequipping those would be a predictable effect - plus it would add diversity which would be good considering trade is coming.

Borderlands has a system like this - that could serve as an example. Hope you will consider.


Edit: changed talent to specialization

This is already in the game. When you remove the item the node that has a point removed isn’t randomly chosen. When you level up a bit more you’ll find prefixes that give points to specific skills. All flavours of +skills will take you over the 20 point cap. A t1-4 affix will give +1, a t5 affix +2, t6 +3 & t7 +4.

Aaaaah :slight_smile:

But wait, specific skills - or specific talents of skills?

edit: well, I can find out myself without asking - thanks for answering

Talents doesn’t exist in LE as a concept and I’ve never played WoW so I’m not sure what you are asking, it’s always best to use the game-specific language. Skill points (regardless of how you get them) are points for skills, how you spend them is entirely up to you.

You would have found it all out by playing a bit more until you got to the point where +skill modifiers were dropping on chest/helm/relic rather than just on certain uniques.

I should probably also drop in a random smilie to show that I’m not being a grumpy ####er, despite that being the default setting. :smiley_cat:

He means something specific like “Bolster” on “Vengeance” i think. And he wish to overcap this somehow.

:kissing_heart: :drooling_face: :smile:

No. Be comfortable with who you look like, that’s more fun. :crazy_face:

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Only if everybody knows the joke & is in the mood for it. Even I know that there’s a time & a place for my sense of humour. And going off-topic is unlikely to be it. Don’t want to make the new CM sad after all…

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So I checked, and I mean the specializations in the Skills & Specializations.

He means something specific like “Bolster” on “Vengeance” i think. And he wish to overcap this somehow.

Yup. And no, I don’t wish to overcap - that is up for thoughts (see op). It could be fun, it could not work.

I’ve gotten some gear with plusses to skills - I should have mentioned these lesser generic ones over fire spells as example.

So my original request remains :slight_smile:

Thanks grumpies.