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Please Optimize Twisted Mire

I’ve noticed huge FPS differences between areas. Twisted Mire stands out as particularly bad for performance; frame rate drops to near slideshow levels and eg. holding move & attack with a high-APS character no longer stutter steps. The contrast is quite glaring with a better-performing area such as Fallen Harbour. It’s to the point where I have to consider the playability in an area type in addition to rewards and modifiers when picking my path through a monolith.

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Please can you post your findings about FPS in different maps in the bug section along with your system details and player.logs.

It will likely be seen sooner by the Devs (and/or more of them) there…

The key thing about Map based performance issues is to try and verify exactly what things contribute to the fps - sometimes the areas that one player experiences fps drops dont exhibit the same problem with someone else so its very hard to confirm without a lot more info and testing.

Also… as well as outlining the character/skill you are using, be sure to differentiate between FPS drops in one particular place (i.e. it improves if you move elsewhere) and FPS drops that show a gradual decrease in fps from the beginning of the map to the end…

All of this will help replicate the issue so that the devs can resolve it…

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll make sure to put together a more thorough bug report in a few days when I have more time to play and investigate.

I can tell right now that the slowdown starts as soon as I enter the echo; it’s sluggish before I even take the first step. I’m pretty sure it’s happened on other characters too but the gameplay impact is more pronounced on a melee spellblade built for attack speed.

If this performance difference isn’t a known issue, it’s likely something specific to my setup. That’s already more than I had to go on when I posted.

The only bug report mentioning Twisted Mire is an impassable wall.

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Difficult to get a particular map in the MoF echos so its hard for non devs to test… Would be interesting to see if you get the same issues in the campaign version of any maps…

I have a spellblade and have never noticed map based fps drops… I have definitely experienced fps drops when using spellblade skills - like Flame Reaving a screen full of mobs, but nothing specific to a map that I can tell. These kinds of skill based fps spikes are well known so its important to differentiate between these known issues and ones caused specifically by a particular map…

As a side note - LE is in beta & is definitely unoptimised when it comes to performance so your system hardware and your choice of in-game settings play a very big part in FPS spikes etc… For example, someone running good hardware but with conservative settings is likely not going to notice as much of particular performance issue vs someone running adequate hardware but higher settings… One thing to do to verify this kind of issue is to drop your settings to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited, all in-game settings on very low or disabled - if anything is showing an fps spike/issue at this low config then its more than likely a bug or a known performance problem. (assuming ok hardware of course).

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I can defenitly confirm OP. Twisted Mire is the worst map in terms of performance for me, too. It eats my fps and I try to avoid it.

The Ancient Era maps are bad for me, too. But not as bad as The Twisted Mire.

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Now you are gonna jinx it - I am never gonna find that map in MoF to test and see what happens… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As luck would have it, I just ran across another Twisted Mire in Reign of Dragons. Swampy area, with necrotic-colored glowy environmental particle effects all over the place. Quite scenic but apparently that comes with a performance cost. I had the FPS display on this time and was getting about half the FPS I had been getting other echoes, even when nothing was going on. It was pretty consistent throughout, heavy combat didn’t seem to make that much difference. Setting graphics to very low seems to have pulled it to playable levels. I had graphics on low before; I’m guessing that most of the game had been hanging just above my treshold of playability, with Twisted Mire dipping below.

ETA: Looks like fires in Burning Harbour are also pretty harsh on my FPS. I’m guessing that my computer doesn’t handle particle effects very well.

Hey… This is good feedback to include in a bug report for the devs…

There have been particular maps that have caused performance problems in the past - and the devs have either removed/replaced/fixed them so this kind of feedback is important…

As is understanding at what system spec level these things (like background particle effects) begin to cause issues… I figure they may have to move some of these specific things into a higher settings “tier” to offset the performance impact on older/less capable hardware.