Please, make possibility of this not existent in the game!
This is 38 echoes in a row not connected to anything that ended up on the echo with set item which almost all useless currently. 38 echoes, Karl! I died inside multiple times when i went thru all of it.
I personally think that more than 5 is already waste of time if you trying to get a good reset using Vessels of Chaos and Memory.
Also would be really nice to be able to start from the charged Beacon after using Vessel of Memory, like from that one in the end of these 38 echoes. Otherwise this node is a waste, especially if it is in the dead end when you discovering the web.


I think this happens once you hit a threshold to number of echoes revealed, did you not get a shade echo?

Doesn’t matter why this happens. This is bad. I opened the whole web and found all Shade echoes. But i don’t need them as i want to target farm uniques on the current corruption. And the process is to reset the web with Vessel of Memory, get all quickly approachable echoes with uniques using shortest pass and then use Vessel of Chaos. Get all new echoes with unique and so on. But if you need to complete 34 echoes full of keys and exp for lvl 100 character just for one unique echo at the end, of course you don’t want to do that. And the only reason in the first place to go and check the end of the lengthy path in this case is to see if there will be one of the Vessels. But if it is that long and almost never has the Vessel then you just wasting a ton of time on nothing.

I was going to make a post about this very soon as well.

@EHG_Mike was already involved in a discussion I had years ago.

I asked him before 1.0 if there were any changes made and he said the alroithm for echo web creation was improved.

I can confidentially say that the algorithm was improved compared to when I made my first post about it. It was much more common to happen on multiple branches bakc then.

Here for reference is my first initial post:

I really really hope this would get another round of improvements with 1.1, because that will bring pinnacle endgame content and this kind of echo web creation is hampering my enjoyment of endgame grinding massively.

I don’t understand why the echo web creation simply doesn’t stay how it is in the first few echoes. In the post I referenced too above Mike said this is intended and it is meant to keep the echo web in check and not to unwieldy but since you are slowly uncovering the web it doesn’t really matter.

Taking away multiple choices where to travel is one of the parts that I enjoy. Taking Reward A with great rewards and bad enemy modifier or do I want to do reward B first with worse rewards but easy enemy modifier to let my current enemy modifiers run out.

Also like @Volosator already mentioned.
This makes usage of Vessels of Memory and Vessels of Chaos very unfun to use. As good as Vessels are for endgame, doing 10+ echoes in a linear path after a Vessel reset where you only want one specific reward is just not worth it and unfun, because there is no choice.

If this would be drastically improved with 1.1 I think I would spend twice the amount of time in developing high end characters. Right now I am losing fun playing high corruption very fast, because you can really only have some good fun with Vessels if you are lucky and reveal some very early in your echo web.