Please let me forge an unique without having to go thru a boss fight

3rd friggin time hacking thru 2 levels of a dungeon then trying to dance and dodge a ton of one shot ground effects while I have to resummon my entire Fing army over and over cause they all die to said effects, just so I can have a 1 in 4 chance to get a decent fing upgrade… This is NOT fun.

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The merchants guild has “bad luck protection” in this sense.

You could buy the item that you need.

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I think this design is starting to bite the devs in the butt now. They want to make “legendary forging” meaningful, but it’s actually becoming frustrating.

Some builds can do Julra in 10 seconds, and this is forcing players to play those builds because that’s the only reliable and efficient way to craft legendaries.

I wouldn’t mind if the dungeon isn’t that convoluted, but it is.

I doubt they will do anything about it though because of all those op builds out there doing T4 Julra like a walk in the park and any nerf to the dungeon would just make it “too easy”.


or u learn a fight… anyone who played lost ark will learn this bosses with ease… LA bosses have 180+ bars of hp and mechanics on certain given HP bars… just look up brelshaza gate 6 HM on youtube… u have to memorize stuff while dodging stuff and a debuff that makes ur movement inverted etc…


Even “if it is easy” and its not for a lot of players. 1. its boring to go thru 2 convoluted levels,. 2. if the boss fight is so damn easy why waste the time? Why FORCE players to run a particular boss and 2 time wasting levels just to do perform a basic crafting action?


Because it’s not a “basic crafting action”. It’s the end game system for crafting pinnacle items.


Why do I have to complete the hardest content in order to get the best possible items ?!?!?!??!?!



It’s pretty cool experience at first, but after legendary smash #28 the experience becoming dulling and repetitive. Why not have a skip system? It could be related to blessings, higher tier keys that let you go through to the end, or only 3+ LP items need the dungeon.


Temporal Sanctum is not convoluted. You can run it with little to no backtracking.


I disagree. The forging is the reward for beating that dungeon. I really like that design. Feels good. Makes the dungeon meaningful. And note that very very few items actually require you beat tier 4, so what’s the fuss about?

This is like saying why should I have to get to and defeat that boss X to get one of his boss drops??

Access to the Eternal Forge is a boss drop. Earn it or go without.


I don’t like it either. In general, I think the end-game grind is too much of a grind. I’m over 500 corruption with 200 hours played since 1.0 release and have almost 2 level 100 toons. Drops are garbage and the exalteds i do need to slam are 10,000,000 + gold on the bazaar and nothing is dropping for me that i can even use to craft something reasonable. Add onto this the frustration of having to waste time to run through a dungeon just for a CHANCE of crafting the item I want, and yea, I hear you OP.


I have a build which is inherently bad for Julra. Dagger melee range without any way to get close to her during her spinning laser thing. Glass-cannon as well which is a massive downside during timeline transitions as the ground effect will kill me swiftly.

I nonetheless learned the fight and can kill her with around 75% chance in Tier 3, haven’t ever needed Tier 4 with it yet but it’ll be the same. Just a bit longer, same fight though.

Nah, it’s not easy, absolutely not!
But hard content is fine.
Difficulty as a limiter for access to mechanics in a game is fine. It’s not a ‘progression mechanics’ but a pure and outright end-game one. A way to push the limits of your character.
So it’s allowed to be as hard as they want to make it since it’s a badge of glory to go through it and make it.

To hinder the acquisition rate of Legendaries, causing a specific amount of effort to be needed to manage it.

Albeit we can definitely argue about only having to do the bossfight after… lets say unlocking Tier 4 and beating it. Could go for each of the dungeons… even Soulfire Bastion, just with a vastly reduced reward.

That’s fine! The length of grind is different for any loot-based ARPG. LE has one of the shorter ones… but there’s alternatives available to try out.

Since we have a market available it’s a deterministic time-sink to a large degree now, not a pure RNG situation anymore. If it’s too long then I would say stop for now, take a break, come back when you feel enjoyment in playing again. If that’s next cycle it’s next cycle.


Good point about the market! You might have changed my mind. I’m a new player so I should probably reserve that judgement until the end of a cycle. I’m not for noobing games down but at this rate it just feels like getting LP4s is going to be near impossible lol. And, I guess that’s fine at this point in the cycle.

“A way to push the limits of your character.” one shot ground mechanics do not push the limits of my character, it one shots them. its a test of my eye hand coordination, ability to multi task and connection lag. I don’t like dodging one shot mechanics while trying to resummon my entire army, just to have the entire army wiped out by more one shot mechanics. over and fing over again. maybe that sounds like fun to you but not to me.


That is why we should have revered items i proposed in a different thread as a middle ground. Combining set items and wievers will uniques.

Now as to removing dungeons from getting gear would be great, by allowing is to buy prophecies for 15K, that GUARANTEE a drop of Said item. You could hunt for a mythical T4 propechy for 300K prophecy that would guarantee a 4LP item that you want to spawn

I also agree crafting in cache should NOT be locked in temporal sanctum. I would have moved it to the boss room, as a spawn flr any clear of a monolith boss at corruption 100. Problem solved

As someone who has to farm fire lich constantly for my ignite gear, so sick of this poorly designed fight. Options would be appreciated

What are you trying to craft?
It sounds like you are going for Tier 4, which is only needed for extremely rare high-end items, really hard to find with LP, and yes, really hard to craft too. But I think that makes sense.

Like you, I find dungeons incredibly boring. I only ever go there for crafting, and I do it on low tier, just enough to craft my items. I usually do tier 3 because I now have enough practice to do it easily. When tier 3 was still feeling hard, I was using tier 2 or even 1.

Most of your crafting can be done in tier 1 and 2, you shouldn’t get one shot there, and it would teach you enough of the mechanics to tackle tier 3 when/if you find an item that requires this tier.
In the end, yes, dungeons are boring to me, but they are easy and rather quick if you stick to low tiers.

Oh! Absolutely, 100% even!
The game was designed around doing the content with 1-2LP items at best. 4 LP items are something which you can play nigh endlessly for. It’s the jackpot item which you personally won’t ever find no matter how long you try. But… the market might have one available at times!

There is no one-shot ground mechanic with Julra available. So that’s not applicable.
The most dangerous mechanics are her spinning lasers, and also the most limiting.

And well, a summoner has it inherently hard with Julra, I know it since my first ever character in Last Epoch was a pure summon Necromancer, but it’s also doable. Just takes long.

Every class has other strenghts and weaknesses, this is one of the necro.

If we’re talking about acquisition rate then let’s get into the gist of it… 15k is laughable for targeted drops of the more rare uniques. 300k for a 4LP? Let’s start with 300Mil for a random one. Targeted drop with 1Mil maybe.

Then we’re closer.

It’s a chase mechanic, so no.
If you trivialize it then it’s not a chase mechanic anymore.

The whole game is available to you with every single specialization without using it even once.
It’s something for beyond.

If you can’t handle that then it’s tough luck but that’s it then simply.

Targeted drops are fine.
If you’re unhappy with it use the market. That’s why a market exists, do alleviate such issues for people if they’re getting sick of farming something specific.

Also remember in general:

For using the forge you only need to use the tier which suffices for the needed level of the item. Not more.


You can check; it tells you probability of LP on individual uniques. Getting LP 3/4 on some items is … extremely rare.

or u learn a fight…

I don’t mind learning a fight - pretty sure that’s why most of us love gaming - however, it’s hard to learn dungeon boss mechanics when you only get one shot (pun intended). Yes, we get told the name and damage type of the boss ability that killed us, but that doesn’t help us learn how to avoid it.

Considering we then have to invest another key and re-run the entire dungeon for a second attempt… wiping twice feels pretty deflating, especially when Legendary crafting is gated behind this.

(On top of all that is layered the frustration of having the level requirement of the Unique you want to upgrade be unevenly tied to the Tier of the dungeon. Why do I have to complete a level 95 dungeon to upgrade my level 70 unique? But I’m digressing.)

IMHO, if we got a chance to reattempt the boss fight - even if it was just three or four times - before getting booted from the dungeon, there would be more room for learning and this whole system would feel less demoralizing.


It… actually does.

You get the damage type, which means you can take measures to alleviate taking damage from that.

For a hit that would be resistances, block, glancing blows, armor, dodge as examples.

For DoT that’s resitances, DoT affecting armor as examples.

And if none of that helps it’s the EHP pool being too low.

To learn the fight I imagine you’ll need 3-4 keys and then know exactly what’s happening at all stages.
You know to switch timelines.
You know to kill the totems before switching timelines.
You know to stay at the edge when Julra comes after you to get the DoT stuck there and out of the way hence.
You don’t stand in her AoE fields… but that should be baseline before the first fight even.

The first 4 keys and you’re done.
You get dozens of those things with a bit of farming, more then you’ll ever reasonably need.

Also legendaries are chase-items and not your baseline power. They come after having every single slot filled with uniques, exalteds and experimental items.

So the tiers mean something and the stronger Uniques need a harder challenge to deal with.
This means you can go along with common Uniques that generally tend to drop with 2-3 LP before a rare one drops with 1 LP and have a overall upgrade to most other options you’ll have gotten until then.

After going through the base timelines to empower the monoliths you’ll have a few of those keys stored up.
Use em then, not before. That’s the go-to method.
Depending on your build you can facetank Julra outside of the lasers even in that case, allowing to upgrade several items to legendaries while also learning the mechanics along the line.