Please help with a build with Lament of the Lost Refuge unique

Hello guys,

I play a build with volcanic orb and i dropped the unique spear; Lament of the Lost refuge
Lament of the Lost Refuge

I have problems finding synergies since i couldnt find other skills on sorcerer that do void damage. Iam scaling fire, damage overtime and generic spell damage/intelligence.
Now that i use a void staff i lose a lot of spell damage for my other fire skill because it doesnt do void damage.

Volcanic orb its damage isnt that amazing with this new unique so i need more support for it. I found some other items which can do that but i hoped there are better options.
It doesnt feel like all those hoops are worth the damage iam getting out of it.

So my question is does somebody has idea’s to tackle those problems?
Is this unique even worth it for Sorcerer. Dont get me wrong i love the idea of the unique, i just can’t find out how to justify using it instead of keeping volcanic orb a fire skill.

Any tips?

Your best bet is to stay away from this piece of crap. Its poorly designed from the ground up and you need a legendary version of at least 2 or 3 LP to be even closely competitive to a regular yellow staff.

But if you insist - just grab a dark shroud of cinders on a spellblade and stack fire auras via Surge.

this whas my idea of trying but even then i dont think its worth the trouble.
Thanks for your comment! i try it and probably drop the idea afterwards

the fact that Ignivar’s Head couldnt be worn either makes it either makes it even harder to justify the spear.
Also if they allowed still being able to scale trough fire damage or convert the fire damage you invest or something like that the spear would be more than viable :frowning:

it feels like the most fun/niche items in ARPG’s often lack damage/viabilitty.

Well when you remove all the fancy complicated words from the spear its basically a 160 flat damage weapon with a lot of ms and and some mana regen. But you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get there.

The void conversion is also more curse then a blessing. Nothing in mage supports void damage at all, which forces you to use the Dark Shroud. It being a spear means you get no crit, so you have to put a prismatic gaze. The this point you helmet and armor are fixed, you got no defensive options and you do barely any damage. This weapon absolutely needs flat crit to even function.

Picking a random staff from the ground nets you 100 flat damage, 600+ increased damage and doesn’t lock your armor slot.

Which is quite a lot. A high end staff will give somewhere up to 122 (if you can accept a significant mana cost increase) or ~100 if not.

And you can use the movement speed, not sure why you think you can’t.

While it’s not as optimal, you can stack generic % spell modifiers as well as % void. There arent many and it won’t be as easy as being able to stack element specific modifiers.

I’m not sure if up to 4% flat crit would be worth it given it locks your helm slot and you won’t be able to use anf of the class specific affixes.

A high end staff can get you 100 flat and your tree gets you another 20.
A fully stacked Refuge gets you 160 plus another 20 on tree

Thus you get roughly 50% more damage from having 50% more flat damage. To get there you have to:

Use VO, which is fairly subpar skill
Mix in melee attacks which further lowers your DPS
Are forced to use a rather bad armor
Give up crit

All these downsides are NOT worth it. Basically not doing crit is a disaster on its own for any build that is not DOT. And mage has only one DOT skill - Black Hole - which is quite underwhelming.

If the spear gave like 6% flat chance to crit it would be a worthwhile item. Right now its garbage