Please help with a build with Lament of the Lost Refuge unique

isnt it the fun of theorycrafting? finding and solving all the issues to have the best result possible with given constraints is what’s fun for me, i dont need to be able to push every single builds min maxed to crazy amount of corruption to have fun, its not what this genre is to me.

for me it is until i realize something is just not viable which happend often also in other ARPG’s. Than i quit trying out. It doesnt have to be the best damage in the game at all for me but it has to make sort of sense to min max certain combinations damage wise.

I might go back a last time for a try after getting a few more blessings.

Dont get me wrong, i overall agree that theres more flaws than goods with the build idea, the skill feels design to be either a boss killer and an ignite stacker which leaves it clear ability lacking if you’re not good at aiming the orb itself

That was not directed towards you, but the other people calling it “piece of crap”.

That is simply not true. Most spells have a lot of generic more multipliers. Only some penetration or shred skill nodes become useless.

On top of that as I already specified in my previous post, Meteor can even benefit from adding non-fire damage.

Why are you so hostile? With that kind of response I feel like not sharing anything more.

Well I guess we have a disagreement here.

Having no or only limited support via passives and skill trees does require you to think outside the box.

Dark Shroud of Cinders is probably the first item that comes to mind for most people. But that doesn’t mean there are no other ways.

But the unique does give a shit ton of other stats, that are unavailable on a regular staff. Now it’s up to the player to find creative ways to utilize what the unique provides. And try to find ways to compensate for the lack of other stats.

As stated above, the added damage is not the only items strength.

Sacrificial Embrace is not for VO, but for Meteor. Adding another 100 flat non-fire damage plus 100% void pen is a big deal. Sacrificial Embrace’s Void Pen amplifies the already 100-148 flat void damage from Lament.

Also because VO no longer is a Elemental Skill, it will no longer consume the Abyssal Rite Stacks. So VO can be used together with Mana Strike to build up Abyssal Rite stacks.

How you get decent crit chance fit VO is now another thing that we need to be creative about :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you have enough imagination for that. (Hint: you can get VO to up to 99,87% crit chance)


sorry your response felt hostile to me because you said why so negative about the item… while i was simply discussing and asking others how they use this item because i couldnt find a usefull way yet. It felt weird to hear as response why so negative while i wasnt at all and i heared zero things about how it could work. So yeah it felt like you didnt tried the spear and just watched the spear on paper

If you’re adding flat void spell damage, all spells benefit from the % void.

Nope, see above.

So, remove the entire point and theme of the item?


To be fair to Heavy, he was replying to the thread in general, not you specifically.

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thats why i said sorry, didnt noticed

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not really you keep the rest in the void theme right. But that was before i knew void did add up to other spells with fire damage etc :wink:

Hi there,

I recently dropped this item, so decided to give it a shot. As stated by Heavy, I don’t understand the negative reviews of this item, I love theorycrafting and challenging items like this one.

I see (for the moment) 2 way to use this item :

  • Go spellblade and try to stack as many fire aura as possible, and scale damages with Dark Shroud of Cinders
  • Go sorcerer to have meteor (added damage have 900% effectiveness) and and combine large flat void damage with stardust node (80% more non-fire damage)

I went the second path and I’m currently trying to build a sorcerer with Harbinger of Stars and the largest mana pool I can get. I think the belt is optional but I like the CoC effect :). Here are some keys points of the build :

  • I went meteor shower path to have high damage, and it combines well with null infusion from focus and my large mana pool.
  • Even if focus has 13 sec cooldown, energy infusion grant haste for 10 seconds. Move speed is quite good with corrupted heraldry so no movement skill is not a problem
  • I’m using static to get more hits to proc meteors and flame ward for defense. these to skills are not mandatory and you can get what you want according to your playstyle.
  • Trying to get void and spell damage on gear. I don’t think passive tree is a real problem, there is plenty of node to spend points on. For instance “preparation” with 10 points can give 200 % spell damage for meteor and won’t be consumed by volcanic orb.

The main drawback is small targets because very few shrapnel hit, I killed Lagoon as fast as Liath just before. But you can still cast meteor manually (didn’t do it for Liath to compare with Lagoon).

I know my build won’t be S tier, but I think it can be funny.


That actually sounds like an interesting build. Now that I have a sufficient T4 boss killer with my lightning bug it’s all about farming and playing weird builds.

Yeah this is the first thing i did aswell but i played with sorcerer.
Now iam trying to build a version with spellblade. I just hit endgame last evening so i will try different things. Thanks for your post! I wonder how your build will keep going :slight_smile:
Keep me posted please

I am currently playing this on a sorcerer with both fire aura stacking and the meteor belt and I actually really like this spear.
Still farming up some better LP items at 200 corruption but I think it can go a lot further with proper investment.
The playstyle is quite fun too, with haste + herald+ arcane momentum you can get almost permanent 100% movespeed which looks kind of hilarious on the mage.
I considered going spellblade too, but I am not sure I want to give up the meteor skill tree. I’m curious what you will end up with though!

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So, a quick update. I’ve been pushing the monolith a bit more yesterday and got to 300 corruption and also managed to do T4 Julra without much issue. This is the first build I pushed this far into the endgame so I have no good reference for what makes a good build, but the spear really doesn’t seem that bad to me.
I’m still playing it on the sorcerer using the meteor belt for clear and volcanic orb for single target. I feel like these two items are basically made for each other. The meteor belt has amazing clear but really struggles with bosses, because you can’t get enough hits to trigger the belt consistently. Volcanic orb can get a crazy amount of hits on single target if you make it move very slowly. It also deals pretty good damage by itself if you can push the crit rate a bit.
Since both of those skills don’t really require you to do much you get plenty of time to use mana strike or dodge attacks.
I might try and record some gameplay later if I figure out how to do that.


Does the Meteor from the belt use the specialization bonuses if you spec into meteor?

I’d be very interested in seeing the build you have here. T4 Julra being doable is more than the gold standard of a good build IMO.

Yes, that’s the main point.

By any chance do you have a build planner available? It might not be meta, but the first community-made unique sounds fun to play around with.

now that i just saw they fixed fire shred pen for the next patch this build might actually be a thing :smiley:
I will revist it and come back if i have something usefull