Please help me!

I’ve done more than 200 runs behind the boots Last Steps of the Living.
It just doesn’t drop!
Is there any way to get it?
It is already at the point of being frustrating to go there several times.

I guess the RNG God is against you this time. Good luck

Wicked God!

When you kill Formosus dont talk to the npc and just teleport out, you lose 4 echoes but can fight the boss quickly, sometimes even right away again

I did this to farm a max roll of Ward/Degen and to farm Eulogy of Blood

200 runs? Wow! RNGesus really does hate you! Are you sure you don’t have unique boots being hidden in your loot filter? 'Cause the chance for a 15% drop to not happen in 200 runs is 7.7x10^-15. That’s 1 in 140 trillion.

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I think this has been fixed so you go back to mono 0 when youve killed him. (EDIT : seems i was wrong)

@TheRedKing Lesson : dont try throw out random numbers when The Llamatematician is around :rofl:


it hasnt

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Oh ok, i just heard someone saying it was. My bad

But it’s still an exploit & the devs don’t like it.



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I’m already in the 500 runs or so, and I haven’t dripped the boot yet.

Are you absolutely sure that your loot filter isn’t accidently filtering it out? 500 runs without it dropping is unbelievably close to impossible. That’s like losing 1300 coin flips in a row.

If you are seeing another of the unique boss drops every time then you should probably submit a bug report. Because while possible, it’s insanely unlikely.

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Subjectivly or did you count in any way? May I confuse names but is it droped in the nomral monolith or the empowered one? maybe that’s the issue idk.

The boots have a 15% chance to drop in both empowered & normal.

Ahh good to know I have not much luck with non empowered timelines.

I’ve already checked everything and I don’t use the filter system you mentioned.
I do empowered monolith over and over again and the item just doesn’t drop.
I’ve already reached 627 runs and the item just doesn’t drop and I got discouraged and I went to play another game and it was super frustrating to keep repeating it over and over and the item didn’t fall.

The item appears in both.

If you are not lucky.
Imagine my situation then? haha