Please help me!

627?!?! Even if you were taking advantage of the boss reset that’s insane dedication for your future offline character. I get fed up and switch/take a break after 4-5 runs of not getting the blessing I want. :rofl:

Don’t do on Empowered, stay at normal level. On Empowered, there is one more item that can drop, so you lower down a little bit the chance to get the one you want.
That said, 627 runs is really extreme. I know that RNG can give any and all numbers, but this sounds weird!

Are you always seeing one of the other uniques in the guaranteed drop pool every run?

This is an important distinction that will help understand if this is a bug or not.

Maybe a stupid question, but are you doing the boss Frost Lich Formosus? The boots only drop from him. It isn’t a random world drop. The way you are stating your numbers it sounds like you are counting every single monolith echo.

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