Please add a pick up key binding

Please add a pick up key binding similar to Grim Dawn. Its somewhat annoying that you have to left click every item that you see. Having a pick up or loot key bind adds a lot of QOL to the game and makes looting a lot more smoother and faster. Plus you guys already have loot filters so its pretty easy to sort things out.

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For some plyers it’s QoL for others it’s the next step to a speed meta because you can use the key while channeling skills or using it while dashing. IF said pickup key is the least priority and only works if you don’t press anything else I’m okay with it, if you can put it to always on through numlock for example speedy builds get even more speed.

Ooohh I never actually thought of that. Thanks for enlightenment.

It’s not to speed meta atleast not in my opinion and not for me at least.

It’s needed for a functional controller / gamepad support. I stated this suggestion also in this Controller issues thread post.

Currently you have to move the mouse pointer using the right controller stick and point on a item lying on the ground to be able to pick it up. It just does not work and is quite bad UX design.

If the controller support is to be added to the game you do not want to have a mouse pointer like an entity which needs to be positioned in the screen before certaion actions can be performed (either pickup an item, drop an item from inventory or attack a specific location target on the screen). Totally awkard and clumsy.

And if there is a controller button bind for “pickup nearest” based on your loot filter rules then why not allow to bind it to keyboard as well.

Try playing LE with a controller in its current state. You won’t like it, I bet.


Not if they don’t make it instant. :slight_smile:

That’s why I said

I’m not against the mechanic I’m simply against it beeing able to press said button and collect stuff while doing other skills. If you walk up and stop near the items and then press the button and everything get picked up I’m fine. Usability even while walking should’nt be there.

That’s why I don’t play PC games with a controller. If you insist on using one while there is no full controller support the problem uses the contoller from my point of view :slight_smile: (just a cheap joke don’t kae it personaly please :D). To turn it arround: I bought Dark Souls on Pc without reading everything, like a total donky so to speak, and tried to play it with mouse and keyboard. Thx but no thx it was hell if not played with a controller or fiddeling arround for hours. I don’t blame the game or the weak port because they made it obvious aka “Best played with controller” tag so I was the problem there. I don’t say your wrong but your perspective isn’t that “objective”… at least that’s the vibe I get from this side of the discussion.

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Aye, but as said, the current implementation of controller support is not ok. I would have it removed rather than have it in the game in its current form.

And I agree with you with how the loot-keybind should be used. Walk → Stop → Loot. And I do not mean that it should not automatically loot all items at once matching your loot filter. It should work like currently using the mouse, all crafting items would be collected at once within the loot range but normal items should be looted one by one, like you do it with the mouse currently.

I do not want the feature to be expoitable by meta players who just run through levels fast killing everything with their meta builds. Tapping the loot key while killing stuff at the same time. I think we understand each other here.

I see no harm having the loot-bind here. But we’ll see how things go in the future.

Mouse pointer movement using a controller stick does not work! Ok, works but it is not usable for real game play.

As for playing PC games with a controller, I like to use it where it’s suitable. ARPG games like Victor Vran and Hero Siege for example work really well with controller/gamepad. Hell, even some MMORPGs work really well with gamepad, Black Desert Online, Neverwinter, … And LE would suit well for it as well since we only have 5 skills to use + one other action button.

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I am all for more controller support as now after playing with controller I don’t wanna go back to mouse and keyboard.
Yeah it’s a pain to pick up shards and items with the controller.

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