Play help

I am a very infrequent player,
I paid the alpha 100$ just before you swapped cause a friend told me how good it was.

But, everytime I want to log in, etc, I have to download the whole game again.

I know this is me, not you, but I find the whole thing totally daunting. I literally get 1 weekend a month to knock crap out of stuff. Am a writer for the Gamelit genre, and audio book proofer. And this is like my downtime.

I have a steam account I tried to connect, but won’t and yeah

Am lost. This is super simple to any of you but me… yeah.

Dawn Chapman

Hi there!

Can I ask approximately how many times this has happened?

It looks like you purchased the game just prior to us transitioning from alpha to beta, and there would have been a large game update available then.

Additionally, can I ask if you’re using Windows, Linux, or macOS?

Yep, just before the transition. I tried to follow the new download instructions and to link my steam account, but didn’t work.

I am on windows, an Asus, pretty new. :slight_smile:

The reason I say that is there was a large download at the time, and I’m not sure whether the game is really being installed every time, or whether you mistook the large update for that.

Could I ask where the game is installed? e.g. C:\Games\Last Epoch

You say the instructions to link your Last Epoch and Steam accounts “didn’t work”. Could you please elaborate on that? It’s not enough information for us to help you.

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