Petition for Affinity Stashes in Last Epoch

Dear Last Epoch Developers,

I hope this message finds you well. First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude for creating such an incredible and engaging game in Last Epoch. Your dedication to delivering a unique and immersive gaming experience is truly commendable, and it’s evident that you’ve put a lot of love and effort into crafting this game.

I am writing on behalf of a me and my dog to discuss a topic that has been on our minds for quite some time. We have been avidly following the development of Last Epoch and are genuinely thrilled with the regular updates and new features you’ve introduced. However, there is one feature from another popular action RPG, Path of Exile, that we believe would be a significant enhancement to the Last Epoch experience: Affinity Stashes.

Affinity Stashes, as you may be aware, are a highly convenient and player-friendly feature in Path of Exile. They allow players to sort and store their items in a much more efficient and organized manner. This feature not only improves inventory management but also enhances the overall gameplay experience by reducing the time spent on tedious tasks like item sorting.

We believe that implementing Affinity Stashes in Last Epoch would greatly benefit the game and its players in several ways:

  1. Enhanced Gameplay Experience: Affinity Stashes would streamline the item management process, allowing players to focus more on gameplay and less on inventory organization. This would contribute to a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.
  2. Reduced Frustration: The frustration of sorting through an ever-growing inventory can be a significant barrier to player retention. Affinity Stashes would help alleviate this frustration and keep players engaged for longer periods.
  3. Competitive Advantage: By introducing this feature, Last Epoch could potentially attract more players who are accustomed to the convenience of Affinity Stashes in other games. It could also retain existing players who may currently be divided between multiple action RPGs.
  4. Community Support: As evidenced by this petition, many Last Epoch players are eager to see Affinity Stashes implemented. This shows the strong support within the community for such a feature.

Me and my dog understand that game development is a complex process, and every decision must be carefully considered. However, we believe that adding Affinity Stashes to Last Epoch would be a significant quality-of-life improvement that aligns with the game’s goal of providing a player-centric experience.

Me and my dog kindly request that you take our feedback into account and consider implementing Affinity Stashes in a future update. We are confident that this addition would be met with enthusiasm from the Last Epoch community and contribute to the continued success of the game.

Thank you for your time and dedication to Last Epoch. Me and my dog eagerly await your response and hope to see this exciting feature in the game in the near future.




I’d say it’s pretty safe to say that something similar will eventually come to LE in the future, based on this response from the developers:


I hope so, the problem I ran into as a new player is that you don’t start off with enuff stashes to label and organize so i end up dumping them in any stash i have room in. Now with multiple builds at endgame its gonna take me all day if not longer to sort out all the stashes. Thanks for the info and reply


As I dont play PoE, could anyone tell me what’s about affinity stashes?

So that I could consciously give a vote :sweat_smile:

Who is this substantial portion? More options are always good but people who claim to speak for xyz just feel strange to me.

In short it’s an wasy way to sort things. For example you could say stash tab A is for uniques and use a shortcut+mousclick to move uniques automaticly in stash tab A.

To me this is just a QoL feature that is nice to have. I can keep my stash clean without any problems so to me this is a useless thing to waste time on right now. Sure they could at it in the far future if they have some spare time and no pressing matters at hand. Right now, while I say again it’s a nice thing to have, it’s a waste of time to even think about it.

Then again this might be the efficency loving german speaking out of me who don’t gives a crap about nice things when there are important things to do ^^. Sooo take it with a grain of salt.

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As Andrew pointed out, it’s very likey to come at some point.

Reimerhs, one of the Devs also said in one of the dev streams that they are very interested in such system.

One thing I would give you as advice for the future though.
Never say something like this:

This absolutely hurts your credibility.

Even if you have some friends or know people with very similar or identical opinions, phrasing feedback and suggestions as “we”.
Speaking on behalf of groups of people or similar is not good in a forum.


Use some common sense my guy its a loot game im pretty sure the majority of the community wants this

you’re overthinking it, Im willing to bet money this is a feature the whole community would love having. You getting triggered over something thats just common sense ChatGPT understood common sense how come you cant? The devs want to implement it themselves cmon guy.

credibility is subjective

So all it does is cut the time you have to look for your previous named “unique” stash and open it, manually placing the item there?

It won’t work for me, because I like to look what else is In the current stash and I like to choose which corner the item will be placed.

Not to mention remembering shortcuts, Which one I should use for every type of item.
Forgetting all the other items, my unique stash is divided by body armour, boots, belt, 1h weapon, 2h weapon, bow and so on…

Well the last three posts made delte my answer I’m out of this clownfiesta of a thread ^^.

@eliel77 the ones above your post :smiley: .

All it does is: You say Stash A is for Idols/uniques/Exalts/whatever you can choose. Then if you for example press ctrl+leftclick said item types you’ve chosen go into stash A. That’s all it’s just a part automisation.

So after I made this clear because both posts came out at the same time:

Peace I’m out!


Why delete lol

Yeahh, I have no objections to this being implemented, anything that can please a certain group and does not hurt another group is no problem at all, but I see no urge nor that much benefits from it.

It’s very different in PoE and much more useful there because you have currency, essence, gems, maps, etc. tabs. For example you don’t wanna look what other currency you have in the tab, you just click the item and it goes there.

In LE we currently only have general purpose tabs, so devs will probably come up with a better fitting system for the game.


I missed the stream where they talked about stashes Just providing feedback as a new player you dont have many stash tabs…so you stash wherever u can. Now that i have all the stash tabs i need i have to spend a significant amount of time to sort inventory. These 2 agree with the QoL in general but theyre so triggered by “substantial portion of the community” chatgpt wrote it for me and its smart enuff to know the majority of players want this.

Ohh, makes way more sense in this environment.

Common sense has nothing to do with suggestions and feedback. Those are subjective.

I also know and agree that there are people who want and like your suggestion.
And I am personally also not against it (even though I don’t particularly care that much, because the Stash System in LE already is reallyreally good)
But because there are some people with likeminded opinions and you can’t think of a reason why this shouldn’t be implemented, doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who may absolutely dislike something. Again, this has nothing to do with common sense.

There were (and still are) dozens and dozens of thread about respeccing and auto-looting etc and there are people who cannot fathom that things like this are disliked by some people.
These are more extreme examples of course, but I just wanted to show that you should not speak on behalf of other people, just because you think other people want this too.

I also don’t know why you think that “I am triggered”, I just wanted to give you a friendly hint and if you don’t agree that’s fine.

Bruh CHATGPT wrote it get over it. Im gonna bet that a substantial part of the community does want it. FACTS IS FACTS. The fact that you tried to give out etiquette lessons rather than upvote something you yourself agree with sounds like your triggered if you don’t agree thats fine.

I’m going to bet the substantial portion doesn’t care either way. It’s a slight convenience, nothing more. Improved search functionality would be a much better use of their time, IMHO. It takes way longer to find items, than it does to store them.


Im sure theres the portion that doesnt care either way, but i bet that portion would also consider it a net positive for the game