Petition for Affinity Stashes in Last Epoch

Not with the way search works now. Randomly dumping items into “whichever affinity tab has room” would just create a larger cry for the improved search. Because we’d see countless “I just stored XYZ item, and it took me 10 minutes to find it. IMPROVE SEARCH FUNCTIONALITY!” So might as well knock that one out of the park first, then worry about things that would only exacerbate the limited search capabilities until they were resolved.

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Search could be improved dont disagree there. If your coming from POE affinitys took away some frustrations with inventory management. Im not sure how it will work here but even the DEVS want this implemented. Maybe affinity was was a bad example but i agree with chatgpt and assume a substantial portion wants better inventory management. IMO they should just do away with tetris inventory its so outdated way to manage inventory. If iwanted to play tetris id play tetris thank theres an autosort

The only improvement is being able to group tabs, apart from that staah tabs are pretty basic (ie, boxes to hold your stuff). Both PoE and D3 allow you to name (not sure about this inD3), colour and select an icon for each tab. TBF, I’m not sure there’s much one can do to improve stash tabs.

Also I think the affinity system is more necessary in PoE due to the decade worth of crap they’ve added that you want to put in a stash tab.

Belief in a thing does not make it a fact.

I won’t argue about that. Inventory management in LE isn’t the strong suit.

Search functionality
Sort functionality
Item-to-Stash footprint (wasted space due to item footprints and stash grid size)
Stash responsiveness (delay opening a parent tab with many sub-tabs)

Not saying I wouldn’t want an affinity system, eventually, but it’s not the cause of the headaches we have now.


Bruh if the Devs arent a substantial part of the community…yall to focus on the substantial part…substantial is subjective. The main point is inventory could be better.




It’s punishment. For what I’m not sure, but it’s definitely punishment.

Since that’s a ChatGPT thread…

It missed out the space between “Aiii” & “geeze”, but apart from that it did a decent job.

Clearly AI is nowhere close to Terminator functionality. Either that, or it’s past it, and just trying to lull us into complacency.

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You say don’t speak for other people but it is perfectly fine for you to speak on behalf of other people on credibility. Just because you didn’t use the word “we” lol, what club do I join for moral authority on how to be credible or not? I don’t think you know how ChatGPT works. It scours the internet for data and I’m willing to bet money it found a substantial amount of post about this specific topic. I’m not saying the DEVS should STOP everything and get this done first. This is just one frustrating part of the game. You don’t need go off on a tangent and list the many other problems in LE that you want done first or ahead of this. Did I cut the line for feedback and I should wait my turn? The post is about inventory management nowhere does it say its the ONLY problem and should be addressed immediately. In America we say “we” whenever we want cause freedom, even if its just me and my dog. :slight_smile:

If you think ChatGPT generated that message because it saw a bunch of Last Epoch forum posts about wanting affinity tabs I think you don’t understand how ChatGPT works at all.

All Heavy was saying is that phrases like “The whole community agrees that…” and “We think it’s in your best interest that…” is not how you should present topics on a forum. If this post was about anything slightly contested and not something like affinity tabs then people would have a chance to nitpick your reply ad-infinitum. Made especially worse because you’re getting offended at the smallest of things.

Affinity tabs are a good idea, POE does them well already. I would also bet most members of the community would like affinity tabs, but I would never present that as fact. I would like to see improved search functionality before affinity tabs.


Bro did you even read any of the responses in thread? Its a bit hypocritical for him to say what others think is credible or not. Its just funny how you all say nobody disagrees but im reaching???

I think this went even further than a clownfiesta time… :clown_face:
How could we describe it?

Since it’s a chatgpt time, let it continue.

“You can describe such a post as “deceptive content posted by the author with the intention to mislead or deceive other users, resembling a clownfiesta thread due to its chaotic and confusing nature.” This conveys that the post is not just chaotic but also manipulative in its intent.”

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Its usually clowns that say clownfiesta… I dont know why I bother

I’ve never actually heard a clown say clownfiesta before. Granted, I am not traveling around so much in the clown circles anymore, so things may have changed…

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Let me rephrase it then It takes a clown to recognize a clownfiesta…whats worse is the parrot on the clowns shoulder…if we all spoke and thought the same world would be a boring place.

It would, and if we were all incredibly touchy, ready to (mildly) offend at the first sign of any perceived “insult”/disagreement/not being in the same hive mind, conversations would kinda go to shit quite quickly.



If you think im offended by any of this your soft as baby poop…and if your offended over a video game you soft as baby poop. passive aggressives b… the worse kind. Kids got offended by a bot on something nobody disagrees with kid actually used spacebar this time. So affected you forgot spacebar lmao