Pet redo

I am so far not a fan of the pet redo. It has a combination of the feeling of not being fun. The punishment aspect of increasing my pet size is just horrible to me. In this kind of game I should not feel punished for playing a pet class. I think thenold way with the pets was better. But if you are stuck on 5 max why not have a quest we take on at the same lvl of points we would get the pet anyway. Something to prove we are worth of having more pets. Semi difficult this would be more fun and not have the punishing feeling I get now. Maybe it is just me anyone else?

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I pretty much agree, and basically it just makes me want to avoid beastmaster entirely. especially when you factor in how incredibly difficult it is to min/max gear for high arena waves. To have an entire set of optimized gear that basically only a single spec would possibly find useful is pretty ridiculous.

Hey guys, I just want you to know that we’ll be following this discussion closely as this was a large rework and we want to continue to gather feedback. One thing to note is that we plan to give BM companions active abilities as well.


  • Activating your bear skill while it’s summoned will cause him to AoE taunt and gain a large amount of defensive for a short period of time

  • Activating your Sabertooth skill while it’s summoned will cause him to quickly dash around striking enemies in the area for a high amount of damage

Our design goal here is to keep the BM and Necro distinct from one another. The Beastmaster should feel more attached to his companions, like he’s leading a small team, whereas the Necro views his minions as expendable. The downed system and planned activatable abilities versus Sacrifice on the necro are examples of us tightening down on this design goal.

Keep the feedback coming - we’re listening


Yes but you are doing it while slapping so manny restriction on it at the same time that it takes all the fun out of it. I said before and I know this is a personal thing, I HATE micro managing my pets. Compromise, let the wolf not count toward the 5 limit maybe? I mean it is a pack animal after all.

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@Mox is the Spriggans healing aura supposed to let us heal our pets if they have the regen removed? If not would you be willing to let it?

I agree with general idea for the class overall :slight_smile: In fact I would argue that the BeastMaster feels way too passive compared to the necro so the active skills will help.

I like that necro and Bm have different way to play around their minions.After rework maybe the wolf skill have lost a bit of appeal,the idea of the “pack leader” is no longer present imho.Less quantity more quality for Bm seems good to me as long it will be balanced.

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Two wolves = one companion?

That would mean by default you can spawn up to four (assuming you have nodes that let you spawn that many. Could also be a node on the skill tree.

Not that my opinion matters in the grand scheme of things but yea that would be good too. I just loved the pack feeling that used to be there before the hard limit thing.

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I avoid playing BM now as I think that it is a chore to play. Not only did the pet count got nerfed you also need to manage them now, it’s such a turn off for me.

Seems so far most would rather have the old way back too.

The system just got out, give it some time. It’ll get balanced with our feedback. I agree that right now it doesn’t feel too great.

Without feedback? Not sure inreading you stuff right but I am going to give feeeback. Especially with how bad it feels. As I said before there was no reason to change it and I think it worked fine before.

I think he meant to type “with our” :slightly_smiling_face:

We appreciate the feedback-- though we haven’t yet decided on changes to the system yet. I’d like to work to pinpoint what about the system can be improved, while sticking to our vision of what the Beastmaster should be. With the following questions, keep both the campaign and Arena in mind.

  • How often are your Companions going down? Does it happen during the campaign?
  • Does your build feel weaker now than before? A lot of balance changes happened in 0.6.1.
  • When does a Primalist build with summons stop feeling fun? Is it because it becomes stagnant, or is it just weak?
  • What about a Primalist summoner build makes you want to play it? (in general, you can think back to previous versions)
  • What’s the important distinction between a Primalist and Acolyte summoner to you? More so mechanics, but theming is important too.
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If you take the node that takes away the regen they go down very often and you are constantly having to try to get them back up.

Yes this feel so much weaker then before because of the limit on the number of pets and the lose of dmg nodes and the nerf to wolves dmg. Least it seems like they were anyway.

It stops being fun as soon as you take the first +1 companion node to me. Due to the regen and pets always dying. So weaker.

PETS a horde of pets that rip through everything in front of us. I would like to have stuff to cast to support and buff my pets so not exactly a lazy zookeeper but still a zookeeper.

To me there doesn’t need to be a huge difference. They are the caster pet class and control the undead. We are more melee focused and control the beast of nature. To me that is enough. If you really want something else they are more into sacrificing their minions and we don’t.

I mean’t “with our” yes :slight_smile:

This node is very likely to be changed in the future - particularly in the context of a few nodes on the specialization tree for Summon Wolf with which it suffers from anti-synergy.

Do you mind if I ask whether you have tried our Acolyte? It does sound like our design goals for that class align with what you are looking for in the Primalist. We view the latter as, more often that not, being right there in the thick of combat alongside their pets. Especially when they take the Beastmaster mastery. We recognize that the game doesn’t always do a great job of defining the goals of base classes and mastery classes - and placeholders can make this worse - we’ll be making the core concepts behind classes clearer both in-game and here on our website in the near future. I’ll discuss with the team whether a Developer Blog or other forum post would help in the meantime. Would you be interested in such a post?


That’d actually be really cool.

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What methods are you using to heal them to counteract the loss of passive regen? Part of the problem could be healing availability.

I did the same and have the same issues. I have take a lot of life leech, but it is simply not enough to counteract the damage my pets receive from enemies. I think the problem is the pets’ massive life pool, which means defenses like dodge and other protections are WAY less effective. So yes they have a lot of life, but they lose it quicker than they can regain it at higher levels.