Pet redo

The only things that seem to work was either having to take the potion heal pets, the heal the nearest one to 100%, and I think there healing winds worked. However they all feel tedious to the extreme and don’t really help much with the pets going down.

I am not sure how to quote someone on here but anyway. I have not tried the Acolyte as it isn’t really what I am after. I can see where you are coming from and I have been using leap and Cobra strike to jump in with them. As I ignored the node taking away regen and was practing for trying to negate the negative on the second companion node that requires me to do dmg. With that fact in mind what about something that increases my armor by the amount of pets around me and or just out in case people use range pets?

@Sarno are you guys dead set in the +1 companion nodes having to have a negative effect attached to them?

Just highlight the portion of the text you want to quote and a “quote” option should pop up!

While driving home tonight I was thinking. Since you guys talk about the bond between the BM and his pets why not let the +1 pet have a positive and not a negative. Like one would be for every pet you have out you and your pets get 10% dmg and the other for every pet you have out you and your let’s get 100 armor or something like those? That to me is a bond not a negative.

I played a Beastmaster with 2 wolves and a sabertooth for a bit yesterday. With the +1 node without pet regen, even with the life leech nodes in prim and early beastmaster, as well as the nodes for flat leech on the wolves, they were constantly low on health. I didn’t run into a major issue during any of the boss fights, but as things scale up, I could see it being an issue where all of the pets die close together and standing in the revive circles could be tough.

I did try blessing of eterra and healing winds, as well as the potion to pets passive. The potion to pets passive didn’t feel like it was doing enough on it’s own, which would mean investing into increased potion recovery from gear/passives as well. Blessing and Healing winds would both likely be solid candidates if they had trees to enhance them. The basic abilities are tough to scale since strength scales the pets and stat contention comes into play trying to get attunement as well (while also scaling defense so I can be in the thick of things)

Overall, I like the companion system. It definitely makes it distinct from the Necro, focusing on just a couple of major pets and being in the fight with them. I think there are a few different options for dealing with keeping them alive, they just may need further iteration (for the skills without trees) or possibly some buffs to lower the investment required to make them work.

Perhaps the +1 companion node could reduce health regen on pets by 50%+ or something, so it’s still a choice, but not a total removal of life regen for the pets. Another thought is that it could reduce regen by a % and maximum minion health by a %.


Sounds like I need to actually play test a BM this ladder pretty soon:) I felt like life regen before was completely useless for beast master pets as I relied entirely on leech to heal. Maybe this has changed.

Try entangling roots with heal nova chance+100%dmg for allies who stand on it,i’m using it with my bear,maybe won’t work with your build,just give it a try!

I would like to see passive points on the BM tree that makes the circle of revive bigger as well as revive quicker. I think that could help a lot. Or maybe just build that in to the revive mechanic as a default, since the circle is very small.

I feel like melee builds get punished for reviving their companions, since they cannot move out of the circle, which is already small. So what about a BM passive node that makes you take less damage while you are reviving a pet, or have stun avoidance, or increased range of attacks?

Watching someone stream arena with Primalist and the minions made it worse. He did so much better without them. I hope some devs were watching the stream. It made me sad.

After playing some more I have even more of a feeling that my pets really do nothing. I am better off and do way more dmg leaping in and using either Serpent strike or the other AoE swing we have I forget the name. Sadly the pets feel pointless and really just seem to slow everything down.

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Firstly, what level and wave are you on?

I see you posting a lot about how pets are terrible etc. I can tell you if you do your build right they are perfectly acceptable. I would’ve responded earlier but I hadn’t made a beast master in the current patch yet (although ive made over 10 in other patches). Didn’t want to talk without trying the current patch. Feel free to ask me questions.

In my opinion fury leap is one of the absolute worst beastmaster skills currently so no offense but I think you’re doing it wrong.

Key things without knowing your current build:
-stacking str this will not only increase your melee damage but also your minions. It will also add to your pets flat life. It’s basically your best stat.
-using MELEE minions (wolves bear panther). This will allow you to get the no health regen companion node and still allow your minons to easily heal themselves at higher level.

Im currently using 2 wolves 1 bear and 1 panther.

This probably wont apply to you but sometimes you have to resummon your minions to get the newer skill tree bonuses.

My non minion skills are frenzy totem and swipe. The frenzy totem although nice to have is mainly to apply shock from the shamanistic presence node (35% shock chance per point if you have an active totem). The wolves (4 points in flat added lightning), myself (with swipe) , and the panther do a large amount of elemental damage. I have my panther 90% converted to cold with all the flat cold nodes and all the % more cold damage nodes.

Make one in current patch and see what you think now. They may have been perfectly fine before and let me
know what you think. If you still think they are perfectly fine then by all means I would love to talk with you about a build.

I have made one in the current patch. Thats why I finally posted:) I was simply saying I wouldve responded to you sooner but before I had not.

Look for my beastmaster near the top of the ladder soon;) Also I want to point out that serpent strike is very limited in use because it lacks flat damage scaling. Its basically good for culling monsters that are below 24% health.

My apologies I totally missed the “yet” in there. So don’t I remeber you agreeing with my original post? I could be mistaken without scrolling up.

I did at the time, also I thought you had to get companions from gear haha. Also because on paper it seems like they made the beastmaster significantly worse than the necromancer(which they have until active skills are implemented) However now that I’ve actually played it some of the changes made on the trees are actually quite a buff. Its still worse than a well made necro for sure but beastmaster has its strong points.

Fair enough and glad you like it. But I still remain as I felt when I made the first post. But I have hopes as they said the no regen node was more then likely going away. I wait and see what all changes. I still maintain that playing the class bonded with animals should not punish you for getting more. But that is again me.

@Sirris send you a PM when you have a moment my friend

Made a ugly little video that quickly goes over my gear (which is pretty bad right now in some areas) my passive build, and my skill tree. As well as game play from a round of waves. I think this will help a lot of people trying to make a beastmaster thats minion focused. At this point the damage is actually better than I expected it to be:) Will post a link when its done uploading:)

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