Performance Issues

I am having a rough time playing this game fluidly, yes it is a beta, so I hope that is the reasoning, but want to make sure.
Have updated my drivers, and windows updates.

Experiencing the following issues:

  • Combat Lag (Every time an engagement happens, it’s sloppy - Playing Melee Void Knight)
  • Lag Spikes (Not that often)
  • FPS (Seems to have gotten better - but not perfect)
  • Game lags my entire PC (Not always, randomly)
  • Sound tearing in combat (Minor - Highly annoying though)
  • Using the ability Volatile Reversal is just sliding me around the screen.

Did the following:

  • Settings to “Very Low” “Off”, and “No Shadows”
  • Unchecked all the advance graphics settings boxes
  • Render mode (Fastest)
  • Memory Allocation [GPU] “Dynamic Budget”
  • Memory Allocation “Specific 8196”

i7-7700 CPU
16.0 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 ( Driver: 430.53 - had more issues with the latest public driver, had to get this one to resolve some FPS issues, which it indeed helped)
(I have DxDiag information, but would rather not post it here)

Any suggestions would be appreciated… :slight_smile:

Edit: I am running this game through Steam, if that matters.

Edit: I have performed most if not all the trouble shooting advice this site, and the support site gives, and nothing.
I will edit this post if I’ve found something that works 100% properly.

Edit: Just made a new character and ran through “The Temple of Eterra” so flawlessly… 1 sound tare(lag spike). Not a single FPS issue… Is this the holy ground of performance?

Edit: Desert map runs smooth as well in the monolith. I try to stay in it. It’s appearing to me that certain maps have issues…

Edit: Alright so performance seems to have gotten better randomly… I do think the Port Monolith map has FPS issues like no other map/instance. (Map with sea plants)

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