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Performance degrading over time

I’m getting really terrible performance after one of these smaller patches (either 0.6.02 or 0.6.03), I’ll start out at like 60-80 fps on Medium-Low settings in the beginning of an area, then once I’m about halfway through it tanks to like 10-20 fps. I played on patch 0.6.01 and had a pretty steady 60+ fps wherever I was. So I’m thinking either it has to do with a) some kind of performance change gone wrong or b) something specific to Chapter 2 areas, which is where I am now.

Thanks for the report, and sorry to hear this!

Could you please attach your system information to a forum post?

Here’s a guide:

Also, is this with the FPS overlay enabled or disabled?

You can toggle it with K. Disabling it (if it’s active) may help.

DxDiag.txt (73.7 KB)

It was enabled, but I never had any issues before with it enabled or disabled.

Can you please confirm whether the issue persists when the FPS overlay is deactivated?

I’m having the exact same problem, in Chapter 2 as well. I’ll post my system info in a moment.

DxDiag.txt (89.0 KB)

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