Peculiar performance drop during Keepers' vault

Hi there!

I am experiencing VERY poor performance at specific moments during the Keepers’ Vault mission. GPU usage drops down to around 5% (usually fluctuates around 80%) and CPU usage goes up to almost 100% (usually around 15-20%). The fps also drops down to 20 - 25. This happens regardless of graphical settings in the game.

The specific event that triggers the performance drop is after you meet the old man (forgot his name) and the monsters break the wall. Could it be the rubble that is causing this? The performance goes back to normal after moving on but each time the monsters break the walls the problem is back.

Here is the player log:
Player.log (114.1 KB)

GPU: RX 6650 XT
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X3D

Any help is much appreciated!

After clearing shader cache in AMD adrenaline, uninstalling the game, removing Eleventh Hour Games folder in AppData/LocalLow and finally reinstalling the game… It is now working as expected! Online seems to be up and running quite smoothly now as well. Great game so far :slight_smile:

So it’s not fixed… happened again when activating a shrine that gave 300% damage reflect or something like that. Had a divine shield like effect on me. Also happened during some areas (Boat area with rain and skeleton enemies). No game has ever put the CPU to 100%… Feels like it is pushing it harder than benchmark tests during those situations.

Made a new character and still having the same problem. Posting a video (note the fps counter in the top-right corner).

Keepers’ Vault FPS drop

AMD SmartAccess Memory was the culprit! Disabling it in AMD software: adrenalin edition → Smart technology → disable SAM. Works like a charm :smiley:

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thank you! it fixed my problem.

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