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PC Restarting while playing Last Epoch

Good day Last Epoch friends.

I’m having a problem while playing the game, my PC suddenly restarts, it can take up to 2 hours or 3 minutes while the issue appears while playing, its totally random.

This behavious only happens while playing Last Epoch, it doesnt happen in any other game that I play with (LoL, PoE, FFXIV, RE3, Battlefield5, Diablo3, and so on…)

My system specs are the following:
CPU: intel core I5-6500
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 1070 GTX
PSU: EVGA nex650 gold
SO: Windows 10
Ram: 16GB

The game is running on SSD.

Any help would be trully appreciated, since I already lost 1 character and all the stash tabs while this issue happened.

Best regards

Hi… Welcome to the forums…

LE is in beta and has performance related issues that can push a system more than other games (and sometimes unneccessarily too - hence beta) but usually causing a system to reboot unexpectedly can be related to a lot of different things: drivers, hardware/device issues, thermals, conflicts with other apps…

The usual things to do in this instance:

  • Verify the game files if you are using steam
  • Make sure your GPU drivers are from the last 2-3 months
  • Make sure your OS is update to date and doesnt have any failed patches
  • Temporarily dont run or use any applications while testing LE… this includes things like graphic overlays etc… just as a test to see if any of them affect the game.

Please can you provide your player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini and dxdiag report output…

There will likely be some info in those files that could explain the issue or at least provide a hint at what to check…

As your system is rebooting, you might also want to check your View Reliability History to see all recent errors and perhaps there is something that Windows can tell you is going on…

Hello Vapourfire, thank you for your reply!

Kindly find attached the requested player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini and the dxdiag.Player.log (64.0 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (516 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (91.8 KB)

Hey there…

Your player.log is very odd… it has a few lines and then the rest are NULLs
Same problem with your Le_graphicsmanager.ini file…
I opened them both in Notepad++ and normal windows notepad - same result…

Seems like they were corrupted when uploading to the forum OR they are corrupted on your machine… Can you try again?

Your dxdiag file is fine and I can read it so lets go with the info it provided in the meanwhile:

  • OS looks partially patched… its on 19042 … there is a 19043 that is recommended and just make sure you dont have any failed patches…

  • Your GPU driver is from 6/20/2021 so it should be new enough… just check that your are not using 466.77 - if its that one, then try a newer driver.

  • Your Cpu & GPU should be fine to play the game at very low or low settings at 1080p but it will not be able to match your monitors 144hz (i.e. 144fps) without maxing GPU usage (bad if its sustained 100%) - so you need to make sure you have framerate limiting enabled - for a 1070 on very low, I would say 75fps ish especially with the problems you are having… Just dont leave it unlimited or too high. (obviously your settings file would give me this info so I just have to guess). Conservative settings are much more stable with the state the game is in right now…

  • Diagnostic information at the end of the dxdiag file is unfortunately not good…

    • You have Bluescreens… Unfortunately I cannot see the secondary details so you are going to have to “View Reliability History” on your machine and see if the Bluescreen errors provide any details on what the error code or offending DLL or file could be - that would be something to indicate what is going wrong… These are obviously serious and need to be resolved… They dont call it the “Blue screen of death” for nothing… Thankfully it can be simple, like a bad driver, misbehaving service or your system could need better cooling or a better PSU, but, and I am not going to sugar coat it, it can also be some serious hardware problem that needs to be resolved asap.
  • There are lots of windows store update errors… not usually that serious unless its trying to update something critical - I cannot tell from the dxdiag error so you are going to have to check on your system - should be in the same reliability report.

  • Your Windows Search service has also crashed at least once… If you dont know specifically what happened, then that could a sign of some problem with your windows itself…

  • Riot Vanguard is also crashing… I am not sure how much this could be affecting other things on your system but you need to see what thats about and either update it to solve that or consider removing it - you dont want apps crashing regularly on your system…

  • It also looks like your Blitz React Framework is not a happy camper… A quick search shows that the error you are getting is somehow related to a bad installation… I have no experience using Blitz so you that ones in your court entirely… Considering whats happening on your system, I wouldnt ignore it.

So all things considered - you have an eclectic mix of errors and issues that I cannot say I have seen on this forum before…

My suggestion:

  1. Find out more detail on the bluescreen error. If you are lucky, it could explain exactly what the issue is.

  2. Fix the other errors / apps etc - it could just be that those apps are crashing because of the underlying bluescreen problem but you may as well see about fixing them.

  3. See if you can get the player.log and le_graphics file uploaded…

  4. Considering the corrupted files… I would suggest you verify the game files through Steam - just to make sure that LE is actually installed properly.

I will be honest with you… This could be difficult to troubleshoot…

Hello Vapourfire, thank you so much for your reply.

Validating the le_graphicsmanager.ini, the file is totally blank.

the Player.log has the following messages:
Initialize engine version: 2019.4.23f1 (3f4e01f1a5ec)
[Subsystems] Discovering subsystems at path D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Last Epoch/Last Epoch_Data/UnitySubsystems
GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1
Version: Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]
Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (ID=0x1b81)
VRAM: 8088 MB
D3D11 device created for Microsoft Media Foundation video decoding.
The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object ‘fireSpray’) is missing!
(Filename: Line: 334)

The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object ‘fireSpray’) is missing!
(Filename: Line: 334)

Its the same as the files that I uplodaded, so no corruption on the upload process.

I will look out for those bluescreens (which is weird, cause I havent got one in quite a while, at least the PC restart didnt throw any bluescreens, just a plain restart of the machine).

I aslo did a verify integrity of game files via Steam recently, it ended up correctly, but both files remained the same.

Thank you and best regards.

Ok… If those player.log and le_graphicsmanager.ini files are the same on your local machine then they are corrupt…

These files are not “fixed” with a Steam file verification - that only checks the actual game files - these files are created by the game during play so for them to be corrupted is not normal… Honestly havent seen this kind of corruption in those two files before.

Thankfully you can safely delete the player.log (and its prev copy) and the le_graphicsmanager.ini (and its backup) while the game is not running… The game should then recreate these files with the default settings and start new game logs…

You shouldnt ever have Bluescreens… not even one in ‘quite a while’… :wink:

Yep, I meant in like 5 years I havent seen one :smile: but I get your point.

I uninstalled and re installed the whole game, as a just in case, it was working perfectly at first, having everything on very low, and then unfortunatelly out of nowhere the PC restarted again (it was about after 3 hours of play)

I attached the new player.log and le_graphicsmanager.ini to the forum, in case you can give me another appreciation.

le_graphicsmanager.ini (490 Bytes)
Player.log (147.5 KB)

Thanks once again!

Assuming you have addressed/looked into all the other suggestions - any one of them could be related so I have to check…

Any chance you can monitor your system components - CPU / GPU etc for things like usage/thermals/clock speeds etc…

I would also suggest that you take LE out of the loop and run some system stress tests - like running Prime 95 (cpu) Furmark (GPU) and monitor things as they run for a decent amount of time… You could even run them at the same time to really stress your system… (any stress test, even running a benchmark like Heaven on a loop) … These are obviously not real-world apps but they do have the ability to highlight if your system is having problems. I.e. perhaps your system has a flaky power supply or the GPU is overheating or a motherboard component is dying… At least this would take LE out of the mix…