PC Reboot randomly

Hello there,
I have like many other players experience many PC Reboot that appears randomly when I play.
It can be after a few minutes or a hour.

I have tried to disable my XMP profile.
Repair the game files through Steam.
Change many Graphic settings.
Turn off and on my GPU OC.
Everything is updated etc.
Here are the files you need.
Player.log (259.1 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (480 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (89.3 KB)

This just started happening to me as well. I will enter a monolith kill a few enemies then the game crashes and my computer will reboot. Its only Last Epoch that does this. I played League of Legends and no crashes or reboots as well as Path of Exile and no crashes or reboots happened. I am using a AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT. It was working great all night with zero crashes but as of ~12:30pm EST on March 2, 2024 I started getting this issue.

I’m also having this problem, i’ve had some game crashes and a recently, a couple hard reboots. This has only ever happened with last epoch and I play a lot of different games

32gig ram

Pretty frustrating… sometimes i have to reinstall my drivers GPU with DDU because nothing works anymore. Never had a game do that and lets not talk about the stuttering.

I had corrupted files on my OS. Everything seems ok for the day i played there was not crash at all jsut those stuterring depending on the zone but I gues its the servers even tho I cap my FPS at 120.

Same thing here, RX7800XT + Ryzen 5700X