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Patch Stalling

I can download updates anywhere else on my PC and download speeds are fine. Did a speed test, connection is fine. Checked Security software, nothing blocking the Launcher, but made it excluded anyway. Running as Administrator. Power cycled my modem and router also. Still having the same issue. Download speed jumps to about 101.4Kb, then falls off to “Stalled”. It will stayed “Stalled” for a good 20 seconds, then back to around 101Kb, then stalls again.

Using Windows 10, by the way. Tried again this morning. It finished the download/install, only downloaded at 101Kb though.

Hey, sorry to hear this!

Could you please go to this page and show us the results?

By default it’ll include your IP address - you can either edit a screenshot to cover that, or you can type things out, or you can send us the unedited screenshot using this page. Knowing which country you’re in - and thus how close you are to one of our servers - would help a lot.

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