Patch 0.9.2n & 0.9.2o Patch Notes

Small patch to add support for pre-order packages.

Update: 3:20 PM CT - Rolled out update to fix pre-order cosmetics displaying as equipable before February 21st when they should not be.


Am I crazy, or the blue ward glowing inside the health globe is missing in the new patch? It’s so dark and empty for the low life builds

You are not a crazy guy, and I am sorry for missing the patch about crucially uncurated and unfair skill trees based on ward glowing. The DP team is focusing on the new 1.0 version, so do not care about a lot of errors and bugs. That’s why many people do not play LE anymore thesedays.

What? Dude, stop pedaling misinformation. They’re squashing all sorts of bugs and if a bug report gets made about something it’ll go on their list and they’ll work to fix it. If you don’t like the game, just say you don’t like the game and leave a review why you don’t like it but don’t go around spreading lies and fake information to try to pander your ego.

Cannot stand this kinda crap. You want to constructively critique their ‘bug’ squashing efforts fine. But saying they ‘don’t care’ or what ever the heck this means…

is just disingenuous at best.


I love this game, that’s why I am here. This is a good game, but it has gone crazy way recently. What do you think? The 1.0 launch is more important than fixing bugs?

Well they are fixing bugs, but just simply focus on the 1.0 version.
No reason to bring out another hotfix one month before the big release where thousands of new players are coming in anyways.
And it probably doesn’t make sense to work on two different game versions at the moment (live version vs. their internal 1.0)


Yes. We’re less than a month away to launch and the time required to make the patches and test if they’re working properly would delay it.
It’s not that the bugs aren’t being fixed, mind. It’s just that they’re not launching patches unless they really have to. But, as you can see with these patches, some fixes were already made, like losing health/mana at zone load.

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Are these pre-order cosmetics available the same way as the cosmetics in the old supporter packs, meaning they can only be accessed and used in the game’s online mode since v0.9.x? If so, I’d appreciate if you actually mention that circumstance in the pre-order packs’ descriptions this time around. I’d hate to see more people buying into these things expecting them work across the entire game because there’s no limitation described.


You say you love the game. In my understanding when someone loves something they seek to understand it. Do you really have no idea at all about what they’ve been working on since 1.0 was announced last year? How many times they’ve talked about all the stuff their creating new and, more importantly to the topic at hand, all of the stuff INCLUDING BUG FIXES and UPDATES TO OLD SKILLS and OLD MASTERIES and QoL stuff since they’ve announced it?

Again, my problem wasn’t you having critiques about the content, my problem is your statement is erroneous and uneducated speculation.

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Thanks pal, You are right.

We’re all very passionate about the game. You are also right. There are still a lot of bugs to be squashed (the terrain/ranged bug drives me nuts :joy:) EHG is a great team. They remind me a lot of Crate (Grim Dawn) in how well they communicate with the player base. They’re getting there. 1.0 is going to be exciting I think. Obviously won’t be perfect, but still looking forward to it for numerous reasons.

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I noticed this too

That was a little harsh. I think what 771you was/is trying to express is that to them it seems that they are rushing the game. I think maybe you might have spoken too soon and with too much emotion.

Not everyone understands how game developing works, if you do great! however being condescending because you have maybe more knowledge or info than someone else is down right silly.

I made the switch from D4 to PoE and after playing PoE for around 300 hours I came across this game (last week) and picked it up. After buying it I had put 16 hours into the game, my first session. I knew this was going to be the game I’d be sticking too over PoE.

I have played countless of betas and alphas and I too am worried a LOT for this games release and thou I understand they have far more pieces of the puzzle than I and they would know MUCH better if they were ready or not. However that does not change my opinion that this game has far too many QoL bugs that is going to turn off a lot of players. It was around level 25-30 until the game started to feel “normal” where all the little weird issues with the fluidity of the game kind of started to go away as I adjusted to the games playstyle.

All that I can say is, for me the systems out weight the QoL and combat fluidity, however if this game had the combat smoothness of Diablo this game would be unstoppable. Once 1.0 launches I’m sure a lot of these QoL issues will be resolved and the new lighting and maybe even some combat animations might be juiced up, who knows.

This lays out a vast assortment of just a tidbit of things they’re working on for 1.0 which includes everything mentioned through this particular thread.

As to being harsh, okay. Now did you read all of the thread. Particularly my discussion with the OP?

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Game crashing bug at Northern Road. Can’t load into it.

Bug Reports

How long did you wait? I just ran a new character through and got there and it loaded fine, maybe a slightly more delay that previous zone transfers I’m not sure, but it did load for me.

It’s instantaneous. I hit the transition the game crashes to desktop.