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Patch 0.5.4 Issues


first off thanks for the patch, I really like the new crafting update.

Now, for some reason I’m unable to change the stash page after I installed the patch. When I open the stash, it loads the items and when it’s done loading it won’t let me change the stash page.

Also, the launcher either crashes or does not load the game menu if I try to launch the game on lower than 1920x1080 res.

The game crashed once during about an hour gameplay session (sound was distorted and the game froze)

Other than that, no major hickups :+1:

Sorry to hear about the issues!

A fix has been found for the stash bug, it will be in a patch soon.

Whenever you experience a crash, it would be very helpful if you could post your diagnostic files in a thread in bug reports. Here’s some information on the files we need:

Thanks for the reports!

This should now be resolved. Sorry about that!

Closing thread as the issue has since been resolved.