Passive Node Ideas - Rogue

They already gave Bladedancer a lot of throwing support with the last patch, which probably was not planned initially.

Because the mastery, that will support throwing the most is not in yet (Falconer).

I doubt there will do even more throwing support, because marksman is not a throwing mastery.

I feel like there already is a channeling node for Shadow Cascade, but I could be wrong.

I personally abhor connecting dps to potion use. That’s one of the reasons I quote POE. Potions serve the function of keeping you alive, and while it’s only my personal opinion, I believe that should be their only purpose.

With you on that one… and I would take it further: If I have any build that has to use potions to survive/function optimally I consider it an immediate and abysmal failure… I have over 1500h in LE and I refuse point blank to build anything that relies on any potion boosting abilities/affixes etc… Absolutely loathe the idea and it will never get my vote. Only things potions are for imho is to heal and remove ailments… Maybe I am old fashioned that way…

Altho… I love downing Witcher 3 potions before the fight… hated when I had to drink one mid battle tho… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sure, you are old fashioned. And I am also, mate, I think the same! :beers:

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For the record, PoE doesn’t have potions, it has flasks.
That’s not just being pedantic about the words, it is a massive mechanic difference: you don’t collect a potion item, you equip one piece of gear and use it on cooldown.

For collectable potions like in LE or other games, I agree that I only use them for healing. I hate boosting potions. Especially in LE with the (quite small) limited number.
But in PoE I got used to them, because they don’t feel like potions at all, more like an extra skill (they end up having to use too many buttons, but that’s another story).

Bumping this thread once, as we need to brainstorm until devs create and release Falconer into game, as an advanced mastery for rogues who relies on a flying minion, unlocked when mastery is chosen, and syncronized skills, with Falcon and Rogue acting together.

  • There is a dagger [Jelkhor’s Blast Knife] that makes your detonating arrow a melee ability so all the bow nodes wont work with it anymore. Either allow the conversion of bow modifiers with the unique or remove a lot of the ‘bow’ limitation in the marksman tree.