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Passive Node Ideas - Rogue

Hey there, everyone! We have community members constantly pitching ideas for passive nodes scattered around our social channels and as we dive into some updates to the passive trees we’d like to invite you to place your ideas in one centralized location - here! You may just see your idea or an iteration of it show up in-game.

Let us know if your node idea is for the base class or a mastery class.

We know that we haven’t provided much information on rogue skills just yet but we’re providing a spot for rogue lovers to go ahead and toss ideas around. Since we’re not complete with the design of the class these ideas have an even larger chance to make an impact!


x% chance for x additional projectiles.
x% chance for projectiles to pierce.
Enemies take x% more damage, if they have not been hit by the player character. Minions can take advantage of this.
Traps have x% increased area of effect, if placed far away of each other.
Traps have x% chance to trigger twice.
Trapped enemies take x% more damage from minions.
x Status effect has a x%chance to also trigger x Status effect.
x% more damage when standing still.
x% more damage when x meters away from the enemy.

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I love assassin archetype so here is my ideas most likely for the bladedancer :stuck_out_tongue: I dont specify values and the points to allocate, leaving it to you !

Some offensive passives :

  • Blood bath : Bleeding ennemies explode in blood bath if they die with bleeding effect on them. They deal X% of the remaining damage of bleeding around them.
  • Death is running : Get X% move speed bonus for each foes slained in the past X seconds. X max stacks.
  • Corrupted poison : Poison inflicted by the rogue have X% of their damage dealt as void damage. No idea if you have some void based skills planned so dont know if it can be usefull.
  • Know your enemy : Get X% of health, X% of mana and X% of added damage of the last foe you slained for the next X seconds. No stacking, so updates at every new foe killed.
  • One hand in the back : You can no longer dual-wield nor use two-handed weapons. You are now much more balanced and precised. You get X% added crit chance, X% increased crit multiplier and X% attack speed. This one would be awesome imo, some nice builds to make around !
  • Weapon master : You know all the secrets of the weapons you wield. X% increased of the implicite bonus of any weapon you use.
  • Surgical strike : Mastering the anatomy makes you better at striking weak spots. Each point of vitality now also increases by X% your crit chances (or crit multiplier, or both !)
  • Surprise attack : The first time you strike a foe, deals X% more damage.
  • Unstopping hemorrhage : bleeding enemies make it worse by moving. For each second spent moving, the bleeding damage that affects them is increased by X%
  • Weaken immunology : poisoned foe are more likely to be poisoned again. X% increased chance to poison an already poisoned target.
  • Debilitating poison : Each stack of poison reduces by X% move speed and X% attack speed.
  • Merciless impact : Get X% of move speed as added damage.
  • Lethal tempo : Each hit increases by X% your attack speed. Stacks up to X. At X stacks, the next hit deals X% increased damage and bring the stacks back to 0.

Some defensive passives :

  • Fast reflexe : Get X% of your attack speed as chance to parry melee attacks reducing the incoming attack by X%.
  • Deadly parry : (this passive should be connected the the passive above) When you parry an attack, deals X% of your melee damage to the attacker.
  • Retreat in the shadow : When your life gets under X%, you become invisible for X seconds and get X% increased move speed. X second cooldown.
  • Poison immunity : Get X% of your chance to poison as poison resistance.
  • Lightweight : If you dont have any chest equiped, you get X% increased move speed, X% increased attack speed and X% increased dodge chance.
  • Adrenaline shot : Using a potion also gives X% increased move speed and X% increased dodge chance.
  • Flexible stance : Dodge chance brought by Dexterity is X% stronger.

This is all for now, hope I gave you lot of cool ideas and can’t wait to stab everything !!! :slight_smile:


Something else came in my mind that can add a really nice feature, wether for Bladedancer or maybe in the general rogue passive tree. 4 different combat stances, maybe only one could be selected or maybe not, depends of possible balance issue I guess.

  • Lotus stance : The skill in the 1st skill slot gives X% increased move speed and X% increased dodge chance for X seconds when used. Can stack X times.
  • Viper stance : The skill in the 2nd skill slot gets X% increased poison chance. This skill also deals X% increased damage against poisoned foes.
  • Reaver stance : The skill in the 3rd skill slot gains intensity at each use. Gets X% increased attack speed at each use. Stacks up to 5 time. At the 5th stack, the next time the skill is used brings the stacks back to 0 and deal X% increased damage.
  • Mantis stance : The skill in the 4th skill slot deals X% increased damage while dualwielding. The added damage coming from the off-hand weapon are X% more effective for the damage calculation of the skill.

I feel like it can bring really nice build diversity, hope you like it ! :slight_smile:

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Sorry it’s me again, too many ideas ^^ Those passives could fit the bladedancer or general rogue passive tree I would say

  • Acid concoction : Applying poison no longer deals damage over time. Instead, shreds the armor by X at every stack.
  • Sharp weapons : Critical strikes have X% chance to also apply one bleed stack on the target.
  • Death dance : Whenever you use a skill, increases your attack speed and dodge chance by X%. Stacks up to 5 times. If you use the same skill as the last one used, bring the stacks back to 0 and you get unbalanced for X seconds, reducing your move speed by X%.
  • Mastermind : Intelligence attribute no longer increases ward retention. It now reduces your base cooldowns by X% per points of intelligence and reduces mana costs by X% per points of intelligence.
  • Cloak of the shadow : X% of your void resistance also gives you armor.
  • Learn in the pain : Getting exposed to poison made you better at brewing them. X% of your poison resistance also increases your poison damage. While you are under a poison effect, increases your chance to apply poison by X%.
  • Anticoagulant : Your poisons make bleeding even worse. When your target is under poison and bleeding effect at the same time, bleeding effects last X% longer.
  • Transfusion : while hitting a bleeding target, you have X% melee life leech.
  • Balanced stance : while you are not moving, increases your crit chance by X%.
  • Assassinate : if your target is alone (no other enemies in a X meter radius), you deal X% more damage to this target.
  • Stab : Hitting a target from behind gives X% increased crit chance and X% increased crit multiplier.
  • Deadly twins : if the two weapons you are dualwielding have the same base weapon type, you have X% increased attack speed.
  • Volatile elements : The poison you inflict are highly volatile. X% of the poison ticks are also dealt in a X meter radius around the target. X% chance to also apply a poison stack to the foes damaged in that way.
  • Patient strike : attack speed no longer increases how fast you can attack. It instead gives the same amount as “more” damage.

That’s all for now :wink:


Don’t apologize! Please do keep 'em coming. :slight_smile:


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Damn you have awaken my rogue itch so here is some new ideas :

  • Hidden knife : whenever you hit someone, you have X% chance to attack someone in melee range
  • Hidden shuriken : whenever you hit someone, you have X% chance to throw a shuriken to a random target.
  • Caltrops : whenever you dodge an attack, you spread caltrops around you. Ennemies that stay in the area are slowed and take 1 bleed stack every second.
  • Emergency dodge : whenever you fail to dodge or glancing-blow an attack, the damage of the hit is reduced by an amount equal to X% of your dodge and glancing-blow chance.
  • Gambler’s life : every 5 sec you throw a 6D dice, you get as much added crit chance except on one where you lose 1% crit chance.
  • Anaphylactic Shock : if your target is suffering at the same time of bleed, poison, ignite and shock, it takes X% more damage.
  • Through the plates : strength also gives you X% armor penetration per strength point.
  • Behind you : you ignore X% of the target armor if you stand in its back and the target can’t dodge.
  • Taste of blood : You gain X health on hit if the target is bleeding.
  • Against the odds : whenever you fail to land a critical hit, you get X% added critical chance. Resets to 0 when you land a critical strike.
  • Phantom blade : whenever you hit someone in melee, you have X% chance to perform another strike that deals Shadow damage and has X% chance to apply time rot.
  • Dark rituals : you can no longer apply poison and bleed. All your poison and bleed chances are now converted into the chance to apply a stack of shadow DoT. The target has X% increased chance to receive a critical strike per stack.
  • Embrace the shadows: You no longer have health nor resistances. Your new health pool is equal to X% of your void resistance. Armor still reduces physical damage as before.
  • Concussion : when you critically hit a target, you have X% to blind it.
  • Throw dust: whenever you dodge a hit, you have X% chance to throw dust at the attacker and blind him for X seconds.
  • My weakness is yours : you deal X% more damage with the damage type you are the least resistant.
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Shadow Dance: You teleport behind the target(s) and stab them. If there is only one target you teleport behind it X times. Maximum of X teleports in X seconds.
Note: This is not a passive node but I still wanted to mention it.

Combined with mentioned passives like dealing extra damage when hitting the target from behind etc. this could be fun.

Cheat Death: When you take a death blow you instead dodge the attack. Can be limited to 1x in a timeline for the monolith / Time in Arena.

Guess that’s it for now.

For the marksman

  • quiver # have some sort of mechanic where you have to change your arrow type like a toggle.

I feel like bows and quivers go hand in hand so they should have some sort of mechanic that makes it unique, not just pew pew

Oh man where to begin with this.
BladeDancer, Lets dig into the bladedancer. I envision the bladedancer being mastered in the fine arts of duel swords. Spinning and weaving he slashing and cutting making dancing and killing one of the same. I want the passive skill tree to look exactly like the beastmaster tree. Full of dance buffs that buff nearby allies and self. Example
Dance Of Might - Gives you and nearby allies +5% global damage per point 0/5 when using a melee skill (5 second buff/5second CD)

Dance Of Frenzy - Gives you and nearby allies +5% attack/speed per point 0/5 when using a melee skill (5 second buff/5second CD)

Dance of Protection - Gives you and nearby allies +5% armour and protections per point 0/5 when you use a healing skill (5 second buff/5second CD)

Dance of Death - Gives you and nearby allies +5% maximum health per point 0/5 when you kill an enemy (5 second buff/5second CD)

Now for the marksman. Based on the description, your going to have all the element and ailment types of arrows to use so dont see a need for these type of nodes on the tree. There will obviously be freeze/stun there as well, so the only thing that i would add that would be different is have poison/bleed pools follow you as you run so as you kite enemies the further away you are the more damage they take if there walking where you have recently been

Bleed Pool - As you run there 20% chance per second to leave a pool of blood that bleeds enemies that run through it

Poison Pool - As you run there 20% chance per second to leave a pool of poison that poison enemies that run through it.

Last but not least, the falconer.
Since by name and description its going to have a falcon companion, ill stay away from my input on solo companion nodes, what i would like to see on its passive tree is the ability to bond with its companions and share damage.

If rogue is intended as a dodgy movement kind of class a passive node that translate dodge into protections would be nice for those people who prefer a more chill and and straight kind of playtype.

Hi there !
So for this
Marksman should be an arc/crossbow class with kiting, root, snare, traps, weaker than a soldier or armored class.
Maybe with one pet or not but definitively not jack of all trades.

Little disapointing “assassin” not be here but Bladedancer should doing the job.
I want to see backstab, cheap shot and other bad stuff in mmo rogue.
Master of Hemoragy and Poisons, silent move, partial invisibility but weaker than armored class.
At least one Doppelganger…

For skill i see this :

  • Blind power --> bait --> backstab ( name isn’t important here )

No idea for Falconer, sound like little brother of animalist with bird. Not very hyped.

When i first heard that class Name i instantly thought of some sort of “Duelist”, with a little less importance on the whole “rogue/stealth” approach. (Similar to Outlaw Rogue in WoW).

And if this is somewhat what it will be thats the mastery im in for. I don’t care much for the assasin/poison/stealth kinda gameplay, but i really do like this “noble/duelist/nimble fighter” kinda schema.

Some nodes for falconer if above mentioned is what devs had in mind should revolve around dodge/riposte.

Also what i really would like on this mastery would be some hybrid range/melee playstyle that goes Hand in Hand with dual wielding(that will becoem available with the rogue class).

Not sure what devs had in mind for “physical/non-magic” range weapons, but i hope we have the option for pistols.

If that’s the case that we are able to dual wield melee and range weapon i would like to see some nodes sprinkled in the tree that support that kinda playstyle.

For Falconer, I imagine some poison and debuff elements with the bird. Things like poison claws, inflicting massive bleeds, increased damage for you or the bird when enemies are focused on the other, etc…Peregrine Falcon’s can stun other birds by headbutting them at ultra high speeds, so maybe working in a bunch of CC elements in general would be cool. Also, since traps are a part of the Falconer’s kit, maybe there are ways to make the Falcon interact with them in a special way. Perhaps a node that makes the Falcon drop traps with you.

On the utility side, it would be cool if the bird could pick up potions for you, even if at decreased effectiveness. Aside from the CC elements listed above, maybe a smoke screen or flash bomb. I imagine the Rogue will be squishy, and while Falcons are fairly sturdy for birds, they still have hollow bones and would easily be taken down by armies of the undead. There should be some ways we can skill the bird to evade as much damage as possible.

Why ? Falconer is about falcon no? :eagle: so i don’t understand the bond with duelist .
I read your entire contribution and definitively no hyped by the dev’s vision about the :eagle:
Thanks for your time.

will there be crossbows in the game or not??? :slight_smile:

No-body knows, though I would presume that there would be some form of ranged weapons in the game for the Marksman mastery if nothing else.