Parts of Fury Leap tree not applying to Werebear Maul

After taking Skull Crusher in Werebear, Fury Leap’s tree should apply to Maul, but Warrior’s Entrance and Frenzied Onslaught in Fury Leap do not function with Maul. Probably the two nodes behind them too since they were added at the same time, but I haven’t tested them specifically.

Yep, been like this for a while. Unfortunately.

Was going to make a thread to report but seems its known. Will clarify that for me at least, upheaval cast on landing works, and +damage modifiers to fury leap increase Mauls damage, but Warrior entrance and frenzied onslaught do not.

I also may be crazy but it seems to me the +100% area from Crater doesn’t seem to increase Maul’s area, unsure about the mana cost applying since Maul always shows 0 cost.