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Overheating problems

Good evening!

Just bought the game and unfortunately facing some issues. Checked all the previous topics, tried a lot of solutions, but unfortunately none of them helped.
Problem is simple - overheating of the GPU, the temps are reaching 88+ degrees and after that - throttle and freezes, so kinda unplayable at this moments :slight_smile: Unfortunately typical problems of the laptops, but for a lot of cases there were some possibilities how to fix that, I really hope to find some solution for the LE as well :slight_smile:
What I’ve tried already:

  1. Set everything to low. Unfortunately even with the low settings the heat is growing and not really helping
  2. NVIDIA tweaks, like performance mode - not helping :slight_smile:
  3. FPS limit, 2 ways - with both Nvidia control panel and in-game FPS limiter - no luck, only dropping to 30 FPS is reducing the heat a bit.
  4. Vsync on - not helping, high temps as well

But with the vsync it is making an interesting case. If I’m turning vsync to “HALF”, the temps are starting to drop dramatically, down to 60 degrees (which is completely fine for my notebook).

My question is - it really seems that it is not an issue of the performance, is it possible to run it on 60 FPS without so much heat?
Adding settings files. If any other info would be needed, would be glad to assist! :slight_smile:

DxDiag.txt (130.0 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (482 Bytes)

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

You have a few problems:

  1. The game is in beta and there are lots of performance related optimisations that still need to be addressed by the devs… at the moment even players with high end Ryzens & 30 series GPUs have to be conservative with their settings and for people using older hardware its even more important.

  2. You are trying to run the game at settings that are WAY beyond the capabilities of your hardware - compounded by the fact that the game has not been optimised yet. Ultra graphics settings are reserved for much higher end systems right now and even they have stability issues playing on Ultra settings.

  3. From your in game settings file, you have not enabled framerate limiting (you have to use the checkbox). Vsync is not recommended. The framerate limiting has the benefit of allowing you to monitor your GPU usage/temps and scale back the fps to make sure that the GPU doesnt max out and overheat… As your monitor cannot display anything faster than 60hz, then I would recommend that you set this to 60fps as a starting point and monitor the GPU. I would recommend that you aim for an average GPU usage of between 60-70% so that the GPU/game has some headroom for busy moments allowing spikes. Do not leave framerates unlimited.

  4. I would recommend that you change your in-game graphics settings to no higher than Medium for any individual setting. Some items have more impact than others… eg. shadows… Watch your GPU usage and gauge the affect of each to find a comfortable setting for your system.

  5. For reference, I use a 1060 3gb and I run the game @ 1080p, 55fps framerate limited, all in-game settings on very low or disabled… While I CAN get about 100fps with these settings, the GPU usage pegs at 100%, it gets too hot and the game gets unstable and either freezes every so often or I experience fps spikes of up to 40fps.

  6. Obviously when the relatively small dev team manage to get around to dealing with the optimisation issues then we can all up the eye-candy… for now tho… its just not worth it.

Hello @vapourfire , thanks a lot for your response! It was really helpful!

Can confirm, reducing the graphics to medium is not changing picture quality too much, but is reducing the temperatures heavily.

I guess I was pretty optimistic about my hardware! :slight_smile:
Completely understand that it’s beta and fully understand Early Access idea, no complains on this points, was just really surprised on the sudden temps and wanted to provide some info :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot again! Wish you a great evening!

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