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Overclocked graphics card

Is anyone else having problems with overclocked graphics cards and LE crashing? My usually stable overclock causes LE to crash very regularly. It’s only with LE also. I only have basic knowledge with OCing cards so it could be user error; however, this only happens with LE. I’m still able to play LE without the OC, but it was definitely smoother with the OC.

Check if you GPU is near 100% in task manager if it is try if putting Vsync on half or on makes any difference. I had constant pc lock up’s till I did that.

If any game experiences instability with an overclock in place that is resolved by the overclock being removed, that would mean the overclock is not stable for all workloads. Either reducing the overclock or increasing the voltage could potentially prevent further crashing.

Please note we can cannot officially support overclocking, as we cannot accept responsibility for any damage which may be caused to overclocked hardware as that is outside of our control.

Yeah I’ve been reworking it so it’s stable with LE. I’ve just personally never had an issue with any games and was just curious if someone else may have experienced something similar. I completely understand no official support.
Luckily it’s hard to damage cards with software overclocking haha.

Thank you all for the hard work!

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