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OrbieTheGreat 0.8.3

Patch 0.8.3 reworked Static orb and the skill is very potent now!
Static orb has good clear + single target damage however we will use Lightning blast for bosses

Dummy dps

We have 6 hits per cast (4 small orbs, 1 hit from big orb + 1 explosion) Explosion hits for 200k against the dummy with some shock

For lootfilter please use dammits tool to create one and give him feedback!

Somewhat budget


I dabbled in this vs. Lightning Nova.

It seems like Nova is clutch for insta snatching enemies and stunning and applying shocks instantly, anywhere on the screen. What is the advantage of Static Orb in the end? Does it just do more raw dps?

I wish I could see those calculations better like in POE builders to see the numbers for real–maybe one day??

The only advantage static orb has is the fact that it pushes enemies away.

Static orb does more single target than elemental nova but since its meant for aoe it doesn’t really make any difference

After playing nova boy since 0.7.7 I just enjoy the change :smiley:

It is however strong build for people that do not like channeling skills.

One of the advantages this build has is the fact that you can have aegis up 100% of the time with your aoe clear skill so you are tankier than nova boy

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why ashen crown still if not running nova?

just survivability?

Survivability yes
By the time you get all the gear needed in that planner you’ll have exalted wand already
By Keeping ashen crown you’ll convert all your physical damage taken into fire and you’ll have 30% less damage taken from your prism and another 10-15% from your orians and on top of that you get another 30% from flame ward to your void/phys/fire

gotcha. really appreciate your input. still running nova; nothing seems to compare. Bajillion gold gambled and 200hours played, no orians sadly, lol i actually stopped playing because of it. May have to try ye ole static orb for, as you say, a change in scenery. cheers FOE

Unique and set can’t be gambled now sadly…

I know that pain. I gambled all my gold away in .082 and gave up. When I played my hunter two dropped. Color me ironic.

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