Online play unavailable atm

Anyone else not able to login now? I dont see anything in announcements about downtime.


Same here.

same +

Same ++

Same +++

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Same, unbelievable its been a week like this

Online play is available now but we are back to very long load times entering or leaving towns.

chill out, they obviously didn’t realise how popular it was going to be on release.

It’s been rock solid for 2 days. Suddenly it’s back to where it was… stuck loading between maps.

This is hardly peak time, it’s early afternoon on EU on a weekday and the US is only waking up.

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I played fine yesterday; today all I get are the “online play unavailable” messages. Tried changing servers, etc. - nothing has worked so far.

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One week later rly? And It was fine for some period but now back to black…

same. Wait one hour

Update: Online play is no longer available :confused:

Yeah completely horrible now, no updates in the status thread for whoever posted that. Ofcourse i check there first.

same to me

unable to playn online on EU west nor US East

I am getting the same message

EU east is down…

same +++