Online lag constant

Since the patch there are a few things I’ve noticed that are consistently happening and its frustrating as hell.

  1. Game just starts “lagging” and everything gets super choppy.
  2. Teleport to town portal is laggy and game sometimes takes 60-90 seconds to load the teleport and you can run around and pick stuff up and attack minions and stuff while you wait for it to load, but items don’t drop right and then you randomly teleport in the middle of it.
  3. I keep dying to lag when it randomly happens because I can’t teleport out immediately or the TP takes longer to teleport you out than you think it would.

Anyone else having issues with lag? Not necessarily just graphical, but like picking items up is laggy, teleporting is laggy, just feels like the server is getting overloaded or something the longer i play.


They’ve mentioned that in the most recent patch notes (about the long loading times).

look at the 3 bars right side of your skills.for me its ping problem during prime time, it unplayable with 180+ ping. even 90 ping is too high for a arpg, hope they fix that before anything other. i will trade loading time for stable 50 ping.

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Re your comment - without mansplaining anything here or understanding your experience with networking, ping time latency is a factor of multiple things, some of which EHG has no control over, like your distance to the region server you want to play on or if you are playing on WiFi with variable interferance vs a fixed line or if there is some network load during peak times between your ISP & the region server location (i.e. your neighbours are all watching 4k streaming over supper). For example, I am personally too far physically from a region server to play online and EHG simply cannot redefine the laws of physics to help me no matter what they do.

Obviously the beta servers & the games netcode arent the greatest right now, but thats expected for beta imho and they are working on it.

Don’t worry about it, slow monolith loading and lag isn’t a thing of the past. It’s been happening since online was added. Don’t know what to tell you more than, just wait until 1.0.

After that there won’t be many excuses left.

I misunderstood what you were replying to, I see now you were replying to the person about their 150 ping, Disregard my last post lol

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we havent that ping problem at MP Release. i take a break for last half year, and see the game is floodet by new player (i love that,its good for developer) . But , ur answer is close to the same what we get in the last 30 years when a Online game was lagging … and finally most player left and ping was fine or publisher add some server. I mean , i can trace it and send it. But i never feel it was helping at any point. Still beta :wink: we will see.