One of Our Artists Was Recently Interviewed!

3dTotal recently interviewed Alexandr from our Art Team to discuss his progression as an artist! They discussed the start of his career, some prior experience in the industry, and touched on his recent work for Eleventh Hour Games such as designing the bows used by our new Rogue class. Check out the interview here, and I’m sure he’d love to hear your feedback!


Fun read nice to learn more about the team and people behind it. The art in LE is one of the biggest signs of improvement. so keep up great work and sharing your thoughts with us!

Nice to find out stuff about the staff of EHG :D, Already said not only Mike should stream but other members of the team as well… or at least do a colab as guest apperances. I always like to know more about what whom is doing and why and how their progress made a better game.


Yo that Grim Dark Warrior artwork looks sick, can you try find a way to sneak some stuff like that into LE? Maybe on a sentinel armour piece, or maybe limit it to something with more prestiege like a endgame legendary piece / high armour value endgame sentinel bases. For everything that Wolcen got flak for, one thing they had was some of the best looking character/armour sets in any ARPG, better than even PoE’s mtx imo, if we could get our characters looking that good at the character login page where it displays what we are wearing that would be awesome.

Anyway nice artwork in the interview, thanks for your (And the art team’s) work making Eterra look better!

They could show a multiplayer session tomorrow :smile:

On topic:
Love that kind if insight.

@Sarno: Is Alexandr a 100% member of your team? From the interview it sounds a bit like he’s a freelancer that is hired for certain jobs.

Btw… as I’m so fucking curious about that stuff: On your Kickstarter page you had this chart:

Hiring is a large position. Did this change during development? Did you switch from hiring to employ staff?

He isn’t presently working on Last Epoch full-time, though I’d like for that to change in future. :slight_smile:


I am confused by the question - the two mean the same thing;

hire definition

Oh… wait. I’ll ask google… bleep blurb xrrsll

Ok, I get it. So I took the term “hire” for hiring people for certain task temporarily.

With employing I meant employing permanently, make someone a member of your staff (tattoo him the EHG Logo on his a…rm, you know). So even if that guy is done with his work you have to pay him wages because he signed a permanent contract. So the opposite of that temporarily freelancer contracts.

You hire employees, not contractors/freelangers. And staff costs are (almost) always the bulk of a company’s costs.

Hm… so it seems I misunderstood the chart. I thought hiring was meant as outsourcing stuff to “contractors” because a small indi studio would not have the foundation to permanently employ people for everything they need. :upside_down_face:

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