Bows, Quivers and Daggers Are Being Added to Last Epoch’s Armory

Alongside the release of the Rogue and Dual Wielding comes the ability to wield bows, quivers and daggers. Our art team has been hard at work and is excited to showcase some of the new 2D and 3D models Eleventh Hour has created. If your preferred playstyle is to remain at a safe distance while raining down arrows or if it is to dive into dexterous melee combat – you now have the perfect weapon for each scenario.



A few examples of bows coming in Patch 0.8


As you travel through Eterra, you will now come across a wide variety of bows and quivers. You will discover agile recurve bows, rigid longbows, the rare dreadthorn bows and many more.



A few examples of quivers coming in Patch 0.8


Should you be on the search for something a little more quick and nimble, fear not, your search is not in vain. During your adventure you will stumble upon daggers that were crafted for the sole purpose of making sacrifices, slaying beasts or quietly dispatching foes. And should you find yourself empty handed and in a tight spot, even a dagger made of bone or chitin would work just fine.


And don’t worry, we’ll be adding new rogue idols to empower your Bladedancer or Marksman and also push unique builds!



A few examples of daggers coming in Patch 0.8


Cool stuff!

i’m more excited for bows and related skills than for DW, personally. looking forward to both, but i’ll probably do bows first!

any chance we’ll get some preview animations for new bow and dagger skills before the patch?

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I haven’t seen it mentioned before, but what skills in existing classes will be compatible with bows and daggers?

so, i presume that means no Falconeer in 0.8? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

just Blade and Marks

That’s coming in Phase 4

Build 6 starting soon… excited to see what Rogue is capable of! Love this!

I’m always so impressed with the art team. You guys out did yourself with these designs. Bows and dagger design showcase looks absolutely awesome!

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Wow! Absolutely love the quivers!

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Can’t wait for these!! Bow and Quiver art look incredible so far.

Nice I didn’t expect quivers so that’s a surprise for me. Looking good, can’t wait for next Friday.

Bow mains where you at?? HYPE!!

The quiver and bow looks gorgeous especially the quivers. Damn now I don’t know what I want to do first, bow or dual wield.

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Yes bows. Soooooon very hyped. Great Work guys AS always. Keep on grinding your doing an awesome job

Yes, please.

2-hander, obviously!

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If you give the rogue DW skills coupled with strong DoT mechanics (poison, bleed or both) you have hit a class fantasy trifecta for me.

  1. Paladin, 1h and shield (Love tossing that shield)
  2. Necromancer, able to summon an army of skeletons (and others)
  3. Rogue with a dagger in each hand, poisoned for quick, stealthy kills.

I can hardly wait for 0.8 to drop.
This game just gets better and better. Love it!

december fourth seems so far, cant wait!

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Sure i will go with bow sick of melee :slight_smile: