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Oh boy.... You got to be fast

You have to be really fast to release that game 'cause the D4 leak looks awesome and if you want to sell some copies you got to be first otherwise you will stay thirsty as they will drink all the money…

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Last Epoch is a project that is planned and meant to be supported for a decade+ at least. “Releasing” early just to be fast enough will only hurt the game in the long run.

The devs are very aware of everything that is happening in the ARPG gaming landscape.

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Well after multiplayer and trade will be implemented, the game will have a boom i think. Its would be great to have it now because of PoE hype ended, Lost Ark is in bad state lately so ppl are looking for new arpg. Great time for Last epoch, but MP and trade needs to be implemented.

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Theres a core playerbase of aRPG players who will basically buy any aRPG that seems worth playing and support the devs. A lot of players also wait until the game is released to buy
The only one I havent bought was Wolcen as im a controller player now and doesnt support it. Wolcen had a massive release, game wasnt ready and it tanked extremely quickly

LE playerbase will explode on release, all the twitch aRPG fiends will be playing LE on release, IMO the only thing EHG needs to do is make sure their release is staggered away from D4 and PoE 4.0 by approx 2 months to avoid clashes

D4 will sell loads of copies and will have again ton of players on release but the only thing is whether there is a compelling end game and lack of p2win aspects, almost everyone has no faith in Blizzard to deliver

I think LE’s end game is decent but the core needs far more work, there needs to be far more work done on skills (more skills) and character development from 80-100 needs major work as pretty stale currently


Lol, you beat me to it… was just about to reply that I have bought virtually every arpg available over the least 2 decades and when it launched made absolutely no impact on my playing the game or spending money… in fact, I usually let games mature 6 months after launch to see how they end up - LE is a fairly abnormal exception from my norm…

So if you couldnt already tell by the replies the copium around here is real and they are going to mess around and blow it. D4 is going to steal whatever burst they could have had and this is going to be just another run of the mill below average player base.

somehow I think going from 1 competitor that isn’t ancient/terrible to 2 competitors is not going to be an existential crisis for LE. 3rd-best is a completely acceptable and sustainable position in a major genre (or rather, a ridiculously great position, for an out-of-nowhere indie studio like EHG), especially since there’s a lot of hardcore genre players who will spend money on all 3.


Well said, I’m sure everyone at EHG is incredibly proud of what they’ve been able to make. That a project they started work on after hours is talked about in the same breath as the aRPGs that inspired them to make it. It boggles my mind that people think that if a thing isn’t first with every person in the world playing it then it’s below average/dead/etc.


Very well said… Willing to bet that EHG staff have gotten more than a little drunk on that realisation… and to be honest, probably a little scared/anxious too… all of a sudden they are playing in the same league as the big boys … :wink:

Considering the size of the industry vs the size of EHG, I am pretty sure they are gonna make bank, no matter what any other arpg does… they just have to stay the course and not rush if they are not ready…

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I understand your point of view and I really love this game too. But as you May know, many people have a strict vidéo game budget from the kid who got few bucks for Christmas to the Guy having difficulty to reach the end of every month, mainly the last 29 days.

How many of us, have enough to pay D4 + LE who are the same kind of game and be willing to not buy other game to have two similar ?

That’s my point. When you starve, you take the first things. you’re not too picky… So yes, the first release May get the bank the others… get the bones.

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I see where you are coming from, but I would actually say that many people that are very mindful on their gaming budget actually DO NOT take the first thing and actually inform them selves before buying the first game they can get.


For a small studio like EHG it’s important to make a first good Impression to avoid being put in a box with Wolcen and reenforcing the notion that PoE and Diablo are the only viable options out there.


diablo 4 doesnt look nice in any way shape or form you people realize its gonna be pay HUGE PAY TO WIN right? its bli$$ard we talking about look at diablo immortals and how malicious pay to win it is and apparenty stupid af people love it and actually spend 50-100k$ on the game and encourage others to do aswell so we can expect diablo 4 gonna be massive pay to win aswell

You know they’ve said that it’s not don’t you? They could be lying, but all we have to go on at the moment is what they’ve said.

Do you miss the colour of D3? It’s certainly a move back towards the “grittier” (ie, brown/grey/black) of D1.

Yeah, people can be strange sometimes.

lol imagine believing anything what blizzard is saying…you realize they have turned into shit company who are bunch of lying malicious people right?

Imagine thinking blizzard has a monopoly on ‘lying’.

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I know this is a blatantly off topic question (I know, long time forum-ers are shocked by this turn of events), but what is it about large companies/corporations that seems to turn employees (especially those towards the top) into soulless corporate drones? I know the large corporates haven’t exactly cornered the market on this, but they’re doing an exemplary job at it! 'Cause don’t forget, all of those large soulless greedy corporates they people love to rage on, they’re just made up of people making choices on what to do and how to behave, so why does it feel like those choices are so often to #### over everybody else, customers and most bizarrely, staff? Seriously, wtf?

I ask this as a fully qualified soulless corporate drone with 16 years post-qualified experience…

As someone who doesn’t have a negative gut reaction to successful people/companies, I would say it usually has something to do with mergers/acquisitions in combination with, for game studios, manipulative game design. When a company is acquired by a larger company/group and design decisions seemly start to have social media addiction type leanings, it looks bad.

That doesn’t even go into the toxic cultures (including wokeness) and scandals of some of the big companies.

See, I think that’s just kicking the can down the road. If the acquired company became evil/whatever because of the acquiring company, why did the acquiring company become evil/whatever? Was there just 1 complete ####hole back at the dawn of time that ####ed everybody else up? Who made him (or her, equality!) soullless?

And I think that’s just another output of the soulless-ness, not a cause. People drink from the tainted well of manipulative game design because they’ve been turned to the dark side, they don’t start work all pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows then go full EA (Electronic Arts, not early access) because they want to suck more money out of the sub-human meatbags players (must be read in the voice of HK-47).