Often crash in Maj'elkan catacombs / Necropolis of the deep

Often Crash in Maj’elkan catacombs / necropolis of the deep.

It did not be happen crash in other areas.
(…and other games)

By crashing, all display black out by non signaled, and can not become unable operate computer.(But It does not turn off computer.)

So i could not read any error massage even as it had appered.

Here is my sys and output logs.
DxDiag.txt (123.2 KB)
output_log.txt (858.6 KB)

Sorry about this! Unfortunately I don’t see any information about a crash in this log file, and the last zone you visited was the End of Time. The log file is overwritten each time the game starts, so you need to upload the log file after the issue happens but before restarting the game.

If it happens again please upload the new log and we’ll take a look.

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