Offline Unavailable?

Is playing offline an unvailable option? I don’t have people to play with so I just want to continue my adventure with my offline charaters offline and not deal with the massive queue. When I click Play Offline it just sits with the loading box and does nothing. I restarted and went online and started at 156 in queue and it kept pushing me back and now currently 5033 in queue this is nuts. Why can’t I just click play offline and play my offline characters?

I’m in the same boat after just buying the game. Not sure how long to wait before requesting refund here… :confused:

Hey there. Long time player here and I can confirm that its happening to me too. I had no problem playing yesterday in offline mode at all so this is new.

Did notice this dev message a few minutes ago, so its likely that may be involved somehow but no confirmation

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I don’t even have an option to refund even if I wanted too (which I don’t) since I am an early supporter of the game and have had it way too long. I just want to play offline and avoid the crazy.

but this shouldn’t effect the ability to play offline that is about the connection to online servers and matchmaking should have no bearing on offline play

Unless its related to authentication problems. That still needs to happen before it will allow offline play.

I am also experiencing this issue - NA region. Logged in for online play - was placed #372 in queue, that number jumped to 690 after approx 10m in queue. I closed the game and reopened to play in offline mode, and the play offline icon is swirling, like it is working, but nothing is happening. Sitting at the login screen currently.

Hey there… Update: Got in offline - almost immediate after starting the game.

This is fixed now - relaunched the game again. Thanks.

Did you do anything special cause I keep restarting have verified files and still infinite spinning

Nope. Just closed the game, closed Steam (not just minimised), restarted Steam, Restarted LE. Clicked on Offline play and it immediately let me in.

Still infinite spinning for me restarted everything including PC, modem, and router and still nothing ><


Honestly have no idea - a reboot of the PC would have done all i did. The 0.9 version is so new with totally new back end that none of the old tricks are likely to work so I dont know what else to recommend.

I have gone out and back in a few times to test more and can confirm that it doesnt always let me in. I tried 5 times, got in once. To offline mode. (ignoring online for now).

Perhaps its just pot luck until the devs deal with the servers that they have confirmed they are reverting to an earlier update from today.

After the 30th try I got in to offline and now I am never logging out for anything cause I don’t like playing the lottery to play especially offline lol

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:wink: Give the devs some time. When things like this happen the devs usually put in the grind to get things stable pretty quickly.

At least, thats whats happened in the past (over my 2k hours played already) and I dont think it will be any different this time around.

I (also playing LE for a longer time) can confirm this bug too, as it happens to me since yesterday, March 16th, 2023.

I have always played offline (three chars up to now) and i have never before encounterd this “offline-unavailability bug”

I can start the game normally, select “play offline” in start-screen and then, when entering the char selection, nothing happens… clicking the “Enter Game” button makes it turn green for half a sec, then it turns back grey and nothing happens…

Bug is the same with all three characters; trying an online-char instead lets me enter the game, but with no possibility to move or interact…

I’d appreciate if someone at EH Games could check this out and build a fix as there seem to be a number of players who can’t play offline.