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Offline Mode

Hello to everyone,

Please can someone clarify is this game gonna be possible to play offline on release? I am a seaman and I do not have a good internet connection onboard for online games sometimes no internet at all. I have asked this question plenty of time on stream and got answers it is already offline but i still need to connect to the internet to log in. My question is is this game gonna be classical offline game which u are able to open and play without connected to interent. If yes i would like to buy it and support it, this game is all I ever wanted from ARPG game

From what I have read (response by a dev on Discord), you will be able to play offline but you still have to login before playing and the login will be validated online. Which means you’ll need at least around two minutes of Internet each time you want to play. With the risk to have the game require an update before starting.

Just as the devs replied to you yesterday on the stream, yes, there will be an offline mode…

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Without login?

Don’t think they said either way on that point. I’ve been trying to find in chat where either Stanz or Reimerh replied to him (confirming what I’d said).

I know man and thank u for that, but as i remembered dev dint answer me clearly, I am asking do i need any interent connection for logging in or not in order to play offline and that little ting is so important to me.

Yeah, I get that.

People these days often don’t understand the term “offline” :woozy_face:

Guy A: “Can I play offline?”
Guy B: “Of course, dude!”
Guy A: “So, no need to login? Great!”
Guy B:“Wtf! Of course you need to login first. How else should they authenticate you using a valid copy??”
Guy A: facepalm


lol finnaly someone understands what I am asking :smile:

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Yeah, it’s certainly a very pertinent point if you’re going to be offline for any amount of time.


lol that’s why it’s called offline mode so u can be offline for any amount of time that u want and still play it. Logging in to play offline is not an offline mode and honestly I don’t know what it is lol It would be nice if developers would give some form of details on this

This used to be stated on the previous version of this website in the FAQ’s section:

Last Epoch will support both online-only and offline-only characters. Online-only characters will exist in server-authoritative multiplayer. Playing offline-only characters will not require an internet connection.
An internet connection will be required to update the game client, and you may need to activate the game a single time before play.

And this was from the March 26 dev stream:

Taking the two statements together, it would seem that something has changed since that original FAQ section statement. So I can only assume the vagueness in Mike’s answer is because they’re not yet certain how much online interaction the offline mode will require, or at least that’s how I understand it.


First of all thank u for your trouble of finding those statements from devs. I am so sorry to say im hugely disappointed, offline mode was something I was most exited about and was planning to buy and support this game lol i was even considering making unique item. I am following this game since year a go, but no more. Thank u all guys for being super nice and replayed on my questions.

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It might be worth you waiting till multiplayer is out & seeing what’s happening with the offline mode, certainly.

It seems like you read the answeres here like a “no, there will be inet connection necessary” as an answer to your question. I think this is a misunderstanding.

This game is still in EA and just because they are still working on it or a dev did not make a 100% clear answer on a stream, doesn’t mean that feature will not be in.

I’d recommend asking again in the ask-the-devs channel on the discord, to get a clear answer to this question. We are no game devs and are only interpreting statements we saw in the past.

I’d really hope that they implement a pure offline mode that doesn’t need a login.

Stanz (or Reimerh) did answer him on Mike stream last Friday. But given the quotes that Andrew pulled up & the change they imply, it might be simpler to just wait & see what actually happens.

Sorry buddy, but what exactly was that answer? Everything “quoted” in this thread doesn’t sound very precise.

That’s because things change & they aren’t being very precise (probably because they’re not German, you know what we’re like)…

You still did not answer, you damn British accountant!!

I did, you just didn’t like it. And being awesome an accountant has nothing to do with it.


It’s not an offline mode if it requires you to login. And that particular login question wasn’t answered.

You are just repeating that there was an answer on stream by the devs, but not what the answer was.