Offline Mode Lag/Stuttering Issues

Hello, I’ve been having a blast with Last Epoch since I got back into it around the 1.0 launch! For context to my problem, I’ve been playing exclusively on Offline mode since the launch.

Sadly there’s been a consistent stuttering issue while playing, which consistently gets worse upon reaching monoliths. I’ve searched around a lot but haven’t found anyone else’s posts describing this - the closest I’ve seen is a specific comment from a reddit post which closely matches my experience: bouts of truly crushing lag/stuttering, most often occuring when engaging a new group of enemies. It seems worse on some maps - like “Autumnal Highlands” and the ancient-era bioluminescent cave-pool zone which I sadly can’t remember the name of.

I’ve observed my computer performance statistics during such instances, and neither GPU nor CPU activity spikes (in fact, both drop notably during those moments of lag). I’ve lowered all video settings to the floor and set resolution to the smallest it can go… and nothing changes. I don’t know how to fix this, or why it is happening, but it is seriously bothersome when my computer should otherwise be perfectly capable of playing the game.

Has anyone else had this problem and been able to fix it? Any ideas for what I can try and do about this problem? I’m lost :frowning:

It seems… likely that this is caused by my cpu running at >100c

I guess I’ll add onto this post after fixing that

Yeah it was the heat. I got rid of a bunch of dust inside the computer and it’s fine now.

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