Offline characters are not saved

I play offline and started the new 1.1 cycle just fine. Leveled my Primalist to lvl 10 or so and logged off for dinner. Afterwards the character was gone.
After testing multiple times it became clear that offline cycle characters are not saved right now. After logging out there is no cycle character you can pick as if you had never created one.
When I create an online character, the problem does not occur (so far).


I am experiencing the same, but worse: all created chars (online or offline, cycle or legacy) are not saved. I can login and play, but after exiting the game, the chars are gone. I know the different login tabs. Please have a look into it.

/Edit: 350 hrs into the game. Never had this problem before 1.1 patch

/Edit 2: I could now create a hardcore cycle online char. Further tries to create other chars did not work.

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Having the same issue. I created an online character and I can’t get in the game. It just sits at the initial zone loading screen forever even though I hear the game sounds. Created an offline character and invisible mobs were attacking me so I relogged and my offline character is now gone. Another launch shitshow I guess. :frowning:

Same problem. First 1.1 cycle character created offline, played and then deleted by logging out.

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Anyone here found a solution or created a ticket and gotten any sort of EHG response or acknowledgment? Another day and offline characters still not saving and still no response from EHG.

As I previously mentioned, I could, after several tries, create an online cycle char that has been saved. Offline still does not work, just tried it once again right now. Hope EHG will adress this issue.

I also created a ticket ingame. No response yet. I am not sure if EHG is aware of this issue. Maybe it “just” happened to us that instantly tried to create a cylce character offline after downloading the patch?

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Yeah I was finally able to create an online character last night that saved as well but offline still doesn’t. Not even going to bother playing online because I’m not confident my character won’t be deleted at some point.

I finally heard back from EHG after providing them game log files and directx info. They said this issue is currently being worked on and should be resolved in an upcoming patch but no ETA on when. Insane that this game has such a bad problem with save file integrity. I would imagine that is THE most important thing with a game.

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Glad to hear that EHG is on it. Thanks for the update!