Offline characters are not saved upon logging out

Tried creating an online character and it just sits at the initial zone loading screen forever. Created an offline character and half the enemies are invisible (but attacking me). I tried to relog to see if that would fix it and my offline character is gone now so apparently it’s not being saved???

edit I was able to create and log into an online character by disabling my VPN. I fought to the second zone and logged out and my character was still there at loading screen. However, disabling the VPN did NOT help with my offline characters not being saved. I did the same step of creating another offline character and fighting to the second zone (with VPN off) but when I log out it says I have 0 offline characters.

I could theoretically play the online character but honestly not going to waste my time until the character save issue is resolved. No telling how long my character will last in online mode before that disappears as well.

Just an update in case anyone else is experiencing this. I finally heard back from EHG after providing them game log files and directx info. They said this issue is currently being worked on and should be resolved in an upcoming patch but no ETA on when. Insane that this game has such a bad problem with save file integrity. I would imagine that is THE most important thing with a game.